setting clock time

hi all<br>resolved secur[ty code problem on radio<br>a further one has arisen in that following the handbook instructions to correct the clock time<br>nothing happens!!!!<br>i have got a flat fingertip and rsi trying to go this<br>any ideas or someone willing to donate a digit<br>les<br>


  • errrr, not sure as mine works fine, which version of the stereo do you have? the screen or the central dial version? guessing as your pressing you have the touch screen version as I'm sure I do mine by twisting the dial.
  • hi terry<br>twist dial version<br>when i press it should show clock hour flashing<br>have trted with ignition on and off also engine running but no reaction<br>what am i doing wrong?<br>les<br>
  • I'll have a fiddle with mine and let you know as I know I've done mine to swap between GMT and BST.
  • hi all<br>my 10yr old grandson reset it for me-how embarrasing is that!!<br>thanks all for your help<br>les<br>
  • yeah only remembered this when I was in the car yesterday! mine is something like hit the menu button twist to clock and hit enter, hit enter where it says on and then you get the flashing clock, twist to set hours hit enter twist to set minutes hit enter and voila.
  • thanks terry<br>les<br>
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