Meeting other Cubesters

<p>Hi All, I have just joined the forum again, and was wondering if it possible to get in touch with other members on here. </p><p>I am from the London / Buckinghamshire area and am looking for other cubesters Gen 1,2 and 3 for local meets. </p><p>Today I had the pleasure of bumping into GB Cubester in Staines but have no idea if it is possible to contact other members on here as I rarely use the forum and usually use facebook.</p>


  • Hi was great to say hello earlier cheered
    Me up after a day of training and then seeing the m25! a meet would be cool I don't know if others are up for it?
  • Hey Buster, <div><br></div><div>Sorry too far way for a meet but.......Wow what is that cool building??? </div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • Hi Cubester yep great to meet you too, we must exchange numbers and meet up, I didn't get to see your cube
  • Hi Nexus the building is just a shed on the trading estate next to my house, I have more pics on my facebook cube page ( facebook name is Adrian Buster White )
  • Try using the google members map. Should let you see people close and then message them through Facebook or here?
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