Bristol owners?

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Before I bought my Cube I hadn't seen one on the road anywhere.  Since buying it at end of April I have seen 3 different ones around Mangotsfield and Staple Hill areas!  Any of you on here?


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    Hi Tracey, I am often in Staple hill and Fishponds visiting friends and family! I have had my for 4 years now, love it!
  • Think it may well have been you I saw in Staple Hill yesterday - by Tesco! :)
  • I've got a blue one in Kingsdown, just about to sell it if you know anyone who might be interested! Ric :)
  • Yeah that was me!
  • Hi I'm in the downend/mangotsfield area in a black one
  • I saw one a little while ago driving down through Shortwood, Pucklechurch.  It had wording on it - LEVEL - I think it said - or something similar.  I was riding my horse at the time! lol
  • 2 lovely little cubes seen in Staple Hill today - both at the same set of lights by Page Park!!!

    On my way to the stables around 9.30am a gorgeous metallic blue one pulled up alongside me at the lights- LOVED that colour!!!

    And on the way home from the stables around 5pm I spotted the black one coming from the right hand junction!

    Cubes seem to be getting to be quite popular in this area! lol
  • Im Bristol based!! commute to work is from Lakeshore to Clifton. I seem to see a white Gen 3 every morning... Hello if you're on here!  
  • Can't believe I saw yet ANOTHER Cube in my area today!!!  A matching Silver one - following me along Thicket Avenue on my way home from work!  <div><br></div><div>On Sunday I saw a white one turning out of a road as I was turning into it at Soundwell Road junction!</div><div><br></div><div>At this rate we could have our own meet up local venue!! lol</div>
  • That was me, I was on my way home from work as well, I live just of Thicket ave.......<div><br></div>
  • I live in Furze Road ;)  Odd we haven't come across each other before! lol
  • Im a Bristol Cuber White Gen 3 with Animal stickers on the lower doors and some tough mudder stickers on the boot I can mostly be found around patchway/filton area :)<div><br></div><div>Love seeing other Bristol cubes about and cube spotting has become a "thing" at my work so whenever anyone I work with see's a cube they come and tell me the next time they see me hehe</div>
  • ive got a 7 seater cubic , silver with hearts and flowers all over it . <div>were in the "lower dundry" area.</div>
  • I recently bought a pearl white rider edition and live in the Bishopsworth area. I commute in it most days to St. George. Give me a wave if you see me.
  • I've just bought a light blue gen2 lowered and running chrome Porsche Fuchs. Live in Bradley Stoke. Seen a few cubes around North Bristol, but all have been parked, so no waves/ thumbs up for me! :(
  • We have an aqua mint gen 2 in the Knowle/Totterdown area. Though it's quite a long time between views we love seeing the other Cubes around Bristol.
  • Hi I'm back owning a cube again

    Might see me around in Bristol :)>-
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