Seat Covers - Attention Dog Owners

Just thought i would post this, for what i hope is a bit of decent info, having just acquired my kaizan, i am also the owner of a white boxer dog, not the best combination with black(ish) seats. After searching and browsing lots of websites for a decent back seat cover i settled for one from a company called 'Town and Country Seat Covers', they do a good quality cover which actually fits without sliding up if you fit it properly. They arent cheap at £40 a throw but worth it. If anybody out there is thinking of buying this particular brand then get the size for the double cab pick up truck as they are slightly bigger than the standard fit. I tried the standard car fit and altho it does fit it is a very tight one with no play at all because of the thickness of the seats. The next size up is more than adequate and provides a good fit with a decent bit of play. Hope this proves useful to anybody.   <a href=""></a>;


  • Hi Roy,

    I have 2 Japanese Z12 brochures which cost a lot(£30 each), however in these brochures; there are 2 styles of seat covers and 2 sizes/ styles of " dog- liners/ protectors which look like genuine Nissan parts?
    Numbers are in Jap but could be translated easily enough ?
    Might be expensive from Japan?
    Let me know and if you like, I can photo them and e- mail?

  • Northcore for front seat covers, can't be beaten. Rears I just use a cheap cove with old dust sheets everywhere ........... lol.
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