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Hi everybody, just a quick post to introduce myself, have acquired or will acquire my 1st cube next wednesday, its the uk spec Kaisan which i have bought i think at a very good price £5400 on a 59 plate with 30000 miles, got it from an Hyundai dealer in Mansfield as they were having a '£1000 off the screen price' last weekend, was very impressed with it altho the misses isnt too sure at the moment altho she did say it was growing on her. Anyway as much as i like it especially in the clean state it is at the moment, i am going to have doggy problems, white boxer dog, black upholstery not the best combination, so my question is does anybody know of anywhere i can get some decent seat covers from. Have tried the nissan site but to no avail, i have been on <a href=""></a>; which seems a half decent bet but they do seem a bit pricey, has anybody had any dealings with this company or can anybody point me in the right direction as to where else i may get some from. Many thanks in advance, and its good to know there is a decent site to get some knowledge from many thanks to the staff who run it. 


  • I just use a basic waterproof type cover and some old cotton sheets .............. lol
  • Hi have they got any more cubes for sale
  • Leave the mrs...sell the!
    Welcome dude...
  • Many thanks for the replies, peeps, may have to go down the wateproof cover and cotton sheets road til i find something more feasible, dont want to go down the 'cage' route as it wil be something completely new to him as he has always had the back seat. As for where i got my cube from it was bristol street motors (hyundai) i came upon it completely by chance, just took one look and i was hooked especially at the price they were selling it at, call it fate i dont know but i had my slk up for sale in auto trader and not one call for it for over a week, and the dealers were offering just silly money for a part ex on the cube, so had resigned myself that i had to wait until i sold it then pay the 'normal' price at a later date, when lo and behold i got a call from a buyer for the slk and the deal was done in a day, so called the dealer and put a holding deposit on the cube as it was the last day of the '£1000 off the screen price sale'. I managed to secure the sale price just in time and so went down for a test drive on Wednesday and got even more hooked and bought it. The dealers wouldnt give me any further discount nor any goodwill servicing or warranty deals in fact they were well tight they have even charged me for the petrol i used for the test drive, not to worry stil think i got a good deal. They do have another one but its at another branch and for a lot more than i paid for mine. Just looking forward to next wednesday now to pick it up, have to go down to mansfield for it as they were going to charge me £200 for delivery, reserved my seat on the train instead £13.00, less said.
  • Not sure what the screen price is but they have a white Cube up at the Nissan dealer in Derby at the minute if it's at a distance that would suit you. No idea on screen price but probably the one mentioned above at more money as think they are a bristol street garage.
  • I got my cube from mansfield in the end couldnt resist the offer and i am so glad i did, it really is a lovely lovely car, am well pleased wiv it and cant really fault it, never knew a car could be so comfortable, just got a small problem with it at the moment which i will post in the relevant section, its just a niggle more than anything so i hope somebody may be able to help me out.
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