Australian BZ11 owner + Camera techtalk

Hi guys. I signed up here last year but forgot to say hello. so Hello!<div><br></div><div>This is my Cube as it now stands.  I've done a bit of work on it so far.</div><div><br></div><div>I took it out for some new photos last weekend.  I'm on the Australian cube forum too.</div><div><br></div><div>_MG_4019_zps0f5ac65f.jpg~original</div><div><br></div><div>_MG_4028_zpsb4c77bbc.jpg~original</div><div><br></div><div>_MG_4031_4logo_zpse4254fd8.jpg~original</div>


  • Very nice looking Cube that. Welcome!
  • Very nice, taken with a decent camera as well  :-bd
  • Do you have a exif viewer in your browser then Paul?
  • Thanks guys :)
  • Yes Terry but there's little data on these, I can tell from image quality it's a good camera ............. lol.
  • They were taken with my 8 year old Canon 5D mk 1 with L series lens & polariser so probably not much meta data in those days
  • My reader just comes up with exif not found...
  • It won't carry the full exif as pic is embedded for this page, if it's linked in via Flickr or similar it would be on there unless your saving after pp as save for web.
  • I use Kuso, can't beat a 5D for quality, I knew it was a good sensor by quality, ff is great. Even though it's mk1 it's still good
  • :) haha yes shot as crw raw converted to PSD thru the bridge then resized and saved for web in Photoshop. Old camera but it still works fine
  • Hell a 5DMk1 still kicks the but of my 400d! I've just never got around to upgrading it as it does what I want most of the time and I can't afford the quality of glass it justifies having strapped to the front!
  • Great little camera the 400d, stick a Sigma 24-70 on that it it's a great walkabout set up. I used my old 400d on holiday as didn't want to take my expensive gear, couldn't fault it's performance for what it is. I'm still saving for a 5dmk3 lol
  • I have a 17-50 f2.8 as being in architecture I tend to use the wide angle lengths more. Might swap to a 24-70 as have a 10-20 which should cover the wider end of everything but most of them only get as fast as f4 and anything faster I'd have to sell the cube to afford!!!
  • Would a tilt shift canon lens be good for your architect stuff Terry?

  • Hell yeah but it's fairly limited in it use and they cost £k's! plus they are all fixed focal length so for now I use convergence correction in PS to get verticals and barrel distortion dealt with as I need it. Why do you have one you want to give me?!?!?
  • renamed the thread to suit. :D
  • =)) =)) :-B
  • Haha no I don't have a tilt shift either
  • X_X oops did we stray a little off track!
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