Hello from Ireland...sorry I'm having trouble posting.

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  • Welcome your words are deep man . Use Mobil site till you get use to it .on the full site in the bottom row of tabs there one With 2 arrows in like this<> press and write . Enjoy
  • Thanks, I'm trying it right now.
  • Now that I can post I may introduce myself. I bought a Cubic last week after looking at them for a while. I first seen one and similar type cars in Japan when I was there and thought that's what I want. It has everything I need but I have to get used to the auto gears. Otherwise it's perfect.
    Forgive the choice of name. I told my wife about the Cube Owners Club and she heard me say something else.
  • Welcome Eamonn :)

    Enjoy the car, every bit of info will be around here somewhere. :)
  • Hi Eamonn im from ireland and just got a cube. love it
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