£333, thats including the monthly rate interest, 4 years no claims, fully comp, 250 excess, and i am 23 years old! thats pretty cheap no?


  • Fair play that's pretty good. I didn't know Churchill did Imports?

    Mine was around £500 I think, all in one go. 4 years no claims with protection and I'm 26. Although I did have a single claim a while back and mine is insured as a Rider specific model.
  • Churchill is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YES!!!!!!!!!!! X-D X-D
  • Forget what i said bout Churchill being the man. He just added £109 to my original quote of £258 for me having alloy wheels TOSSER!!!!! Not happy! }:-@ }:-@
  • oh no! shoulda kept schtum!!!! how annoying!!!! :o
  • I'm with A-Plan and they did'nt charge extra for custom exhaust or lowered suspension.
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