Nissan Cube Altonator

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Can anyone help? I have a 2010 Nissan Cube with 15000 miles on the clock, I have have problems with the battery light coming on and going off, I even broke down once and had the RAC tell me that I needed another alternator. So I took it to the Nissan Garage were they undertook a diagnostics which cost me £102.00 and they told me they could not find a fault with it, this is because the battery light was not on they told me that it was probably the alternator the cost of which would be £987.00 + VAT with fitting on top. They also said there was no alternator in the country and it would take four weeks to get here.<br>I have spoken to places that recondition alternators but nobody can guarantee they can fix it. So I someone that knows what I am going through.<br>Rob     <br>
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