UK and US magic illumination different?

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So just taken delivery of a set of official Nissan magic illumination I managed to negotiate a very cheap deal on but expecting the kit I had already down loaded the instructions for what has turned up is very different! does anyone know if there are differences between the american version and UK versions of the kit as this one only has 2 square led lights rather than the long bar lights and there is no lights for the rear cup holders.<div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Not hugely bothered as this kit is all plug and play rather than using dodgy vampire connectors to gain the power and earth feeds around the car but was just a little surprised.</div><div><br></div><div>What do you folks with it installed have in the car?</div>


  • There not very bright on the uk kit I've got fitted so dont think it'll really matter mate
  • That's kind of what I mean, the US kit relays on dodgy connectors for way more lights where as the uk kit has proper plug in connections but way less load.
  • Can you run the uk kit as well as the sill entry guard lights as it looks like it plugs into same connector
  • yes you stack the connectors in the A-pillar. I have both and it's a really easy install.
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    Hi Terry yeah pretty straight forward all up and running, just put some wind deflectors on too. Had my gen 3 about a month now and love it. 43k miles on it anything I should check on it? Looks well cared for and good history.
  • Not really just be wary of putting the child locks on the drivers side door as it's the one that fails and is a pain to open if you have the child locks on and can't do it from inside.
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