How will 19" 42mm offset 19X7.5 wheels fit BZ11

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Hey Guys,<div><span style="font-size: 10pt;">I'm new to the world of cubes. I was looking at a set of 18" rims for the past few weeks and just as I was about to order they went out of stock. So the only ones that I like that's available now are 19". My question is how will they fit my cube? Will there be any rubbing? Some of the roads in my country are very winding, have lots of hills are valleys and a bit of potholes. So though I like big wheels, this is my main concern.</span></div><div><br></div><div>Thanks in advance, will surely post pics after the install.</div>


  • Hmmmm. I think 19's will be way too big. Biggest on a gen 2 I've seen so far are 17's. The offset would be ok though!
  • Its not the diameter it's the width thats more important. Techincally a 19" rim with Run flat tyres is same diameter as standard wheel but the ride will be harshe and big potholes will buckle those wheels up.
  • I will be running 18" 7.5 with 42 offset on 215/45/18.
  • I used to run 18" s but since lowering no chance even with arches rolled.
  • Thanks for the help guys. Think I will go with the 19s. One more question: the hub bore on the rims is 73, will that be ok?<div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • No 73 is to big, you will have to get some spigot rings. I Believe the Cube is 60.1.
  • Centre bore of 73 will go on, you don't need spigot rings, but they are strongly advised. The cube centre bore is 60.1. Without spigot rings the load will be taken mostly on the wheel studs, with the correct bore the load is split between the wheel studs and the centre of the hub.
  • Ahhh, think I get it now. Will get the rings to be safe. Thanks again for the help, great community!
  • Yep defo get rings to sit on
  • I think you'll need an inflatable ring on your seat to sit on! :D

    I admire your bravery!
  • lol..come on, it can't be that bad. If so, I can always upgrade springs right?
  • upgrade to what... a change of damper might give a softer ride to take out the harshness of the thin rubber but then you run the risk of tyres rubbing when it hits a rut. However you play it 19" is a brave move on a cube!
  • Ohh it can be that bad .............. lol
  • Hey Guys,<div><br></div><div>Just an update for anyone looking to get 19s. So I went ahead and got 19" 'ADR sz1's with 215/35r tyres and I have to say, ride quality has actually improved! It doesn't feel any harsher at all. I try to keep the PSI of the tyres at around the recommend PSI for the cube so I don't know if that's what helps. But handling is now amazing in comparison..Goes around corners with ease and no longer feels as if the box is going to tip over lol. The only issue I found with them is that the rear tyres scrub on the fenders when I hit a slight bump or take an inclined turn, but only when there are 2 adult passengers in the backseats..I plan to get the rear fenders rolled as soon as I can source a heat gun to avoid cracking the paint. Other than that I had to lower the lowbeam levels of my aftermarket HIDs a tad since the bigger wheels raised the overall height of the ride by a bit and drivers were flashing me while on lowbeams</div><div><br></div><div>I think I wanna lower an inch to an inch half though. Anywhere know where I can find some nice valued springs?</div><div><br></div><div>Photo Attached</div>
  • Wheels look good. Didn't think 19's would work, but they do.<div><br></div><div>If you want a temp solution to the rubbing issue, I can highly recommend the old rubber inserts for the rear springs that caravanners use. My Watanabes are +32 so stick out a little and do scrub on the rear arches if there's more than 1 person in the back thanks to those soft rear city car springs. The inserts have been a gonsend! They're only about 20 quid a set, so worth a go until you can get around to rolling the arches (like me!) :)</div>
  • Thanks bro, going to get arches rolled tomorrow though :) <div><br></div><div>I'm also wondering how much I can lower without running into scrubbing issues again </div> :-?
  • Lowering often stiffens as well so lowering my not cause issues as the car may not travel any further than it does now but with that offset you could well have troubles. There was an owner chesterfield way who dropped theirs on bike wheels but put a camber kit on to avoid scrubbing issues. Think the wheels were borbets so might be worth a search of the forum for it.
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">this one....</font><div style="font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;"><br></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2"></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2"><br></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">but there are more extreme examples around of camber on the rear.</font></div>
  • Thanks Terry,<div><br></div><div>Found some RS-R springs with 40-35mm drop in front and 30-25mm drop in rear. I'm thinking these should be perfection without any need of cambering? Right now the top of the wheel do not poke pass the fender.</div>
  • I suggest this website for cars: <a href=""></a>;
  • I can't believe you got 19s on there and they look so good! I was worried about going for 17s over 16s on mine, but then I am lowered quite a bit. Car looks amazing, if a little high overall - a bit of lowering would make it look awesome, but that offset might be a bit of a problem :-/ Good luck!
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