Any North-East / Northern Meets?

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There used to be a few of us northerners. I am returning after a while away from the club. Still using the Cube as every day car. And just wondered if any of of you North-east/Northern members fancied a meet up. Either at a show or at a mcdonalds. There is a big classic/retro meet on 2nd wed of month at metro. <br>


  • Great to ave ya back in the fold ron .
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    Welcome back Ron, Tim Johnson (user name is up your way I think.

    Is Donington too far for Japfest 2?
  • You know me i'm willing to travel.<br>
  • Well I think I may be the only cube at Thorsby japs north show next weekend. Any more welcome just pay on the gate and pic a spot
  • I'm north east :) would be up for it
  • <p>We have spare stand passes for Japfest2, just need to get your own ticket from the site - <a href=""></a> - if you can make it. (17 cubes at the moment)</p>
  • Yeh should be gd show. I'm travelling down from Gateshead. Used to take the vtec mini to the metro meets but swoped it for the cube so becoming more sensible now lol. Seen you about think. Is yrs the orange cube on coilovers Ron? Prob goto nxt metro meet and if ya fancy a meet up before giz a shout.
  • Stevo, is a Vtec fit in a Mini pretty common? 'Cos there was one at Bromley a couple of weeks back and I was a bit WTF??? :)
  • Yeh there's a few about and much better than the boring a series engines. you buy the subframe/ driveshafts etc in kit form then just find doner civic aerodeck or similar for engine. Also having the space/facilities todo it is a nightmare for most like for me. 180bhp in a 1972 mini is fantastic.( plus road tax except lol)
    Took it too nurburgring last two years and wow.
    Miss it now but like said calming down a bit.
  • yeah it's a really common swap from what I understand of the honda world.
  • Hey people. Sory for late reply. Yeah thats mine alright. Lmao. The yellow Clubman? I would have swapped my cube for it. Lmao
  • Hi Ron yeh the yellow clubby.
    Seeing your cube at micks minis once I thought I've got to get me one of them. Only way was to part with my loved mini Have gone for a z12 though and value my spine too much so not lowered as much like yr coilovers. Brave man!
    Will have to meet up sometime and at the retro rides metro too.
  • Def man. i go to metro meet every month. will be there at next one. 
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