Renault Clio coilovers

Hello all, there has been much discussion around the Internet on the subject of Renault Clio mk2 (52mm) coilovers fitting the cube mk2. I decided to take the plunge and see how it went. The coilovers fit with some slight modification, also the rear spring adjusters will only seat satisfactorily if the middle bit is first tightened through the hole, then the adjuster part tightened down around it (making it in-adjustable without machining some spacers), ill be doing this if I get much more sag as the springs bed in. The main thing to note with this is that I have had to remove the front anti roll bar because the front strut didn't have any mounts for the drop links, so either the Clio doesn't have a front anti roll bar or I've been sent thee wrong coilovers. The front struts also add a fair amount of camber due to the bolt holes being at an angle, rather than one vertically above the other, I've ordered some eccentric camber bolts to adjust my camber. The front strut will go lower than the car can take, so if you want to go super low but don't want air ride then these will help you, I've currently got them wound about 1/3 of the way up the adjustment.


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    <p>Shame you had to find out by taking the plunge, think I would have returned them when I found out though!</p><p>Actually like that camber - fit some wide wheels = happy days.</p><p>I've just google Renault Clio anti roll bar links and found these - </p><p><img id="icImg" class="img img500" alt="" src="$(KGrHqN,!g0FC1yPYgseBR!T7mml+g~~60_12.JPG" clk="0" itemprop="image"></p><p>Rather than this kind like the cube has -</p><p><img id="icImg" class="img img500" alt="" src="$(KGrHqV,!iUFB71EtbRbBQj8O5QP9!~~60_12.JPG" clk="0" itemprop="image"></p><p> </p><p>Which makes me wonder if there's a hole at a lower level in line with the anti roll bar so no need for the z shape link?  If that's the case then you *could* just buy the clio links and you're sorted?!</p><p> </p>
  • I'm happy that they are fitted safely so no worries there, and after doing some research I've found out that on some cars when people go really low they have to remove the arb to clear driveshafts on full lock, so I'm also happy that a lack of arb isn't dangerous, the harder suspension removes the need for an anti roll bar in my eyes. I've made the camber slightly less today with some eccentric bolts, but it's still cambered quite a lot.

    I'm going to give it a week or so to let the springs bed in then once I've got the ride heights and camber where I want it ill order some wheel spacers for the time being, but wider wheels is on the cards in the future.

    I'm going to go out and have another look at where the arb mounts and see if there is possibly a hole where the Clio links might bolt, but I don't think there is from memory
  • Nice Stance dude. I have K12 micra ones fitted and they so low that All the shockers are now goosed. But it is good to know clio ones fit,<br>
  • Long time Ron, I thought this was your cube when George first posted here. Very similar look. :)
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