Hey Everyone

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Hello :)

Some of you will know me from the facebook group.

My name is Jules and I am from Bournemouth.

I have just purchased a cubic rider, it is beautiful!!!

This is a whole new world to me but I am so excited!

The first problem I am encountering is insurance! Suggestions for who to go to that are good with cubes very much appreciated!

Will get some pics up :)


  • Try Mark Richard's on 01275 792270
  • Am with little red telephone people 300. Quid but I is pushing 50 my self .
  • A few of us are with admiral
  • I am with admiral got a good quote
  • Quotemehappy via compare the market
  • I have got it cheapest at £300 from quotemehappy :) thanks everyone :) looking forward to meeting some more cubists as soon as I can!!! (Is that what we call ourselves??? :/ )
  • <p>I'm not sure thats what the Jap purists call us though they do use a c word =)) </p><p> </p><p>£300 </p> :-bd
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