Front suspension top mount covers to stop the water...

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Has anyone made any and if so what from. Tops of the threads on ours are going a little crusty and I'm thinking a cap over the little well would help protect them from getting any worse but has anyone already done this and have an ideal sized plant pot tray or tupperware container that slots straight on?


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    I used 306 pug top mount covers straight in
  • Just noticed yours is gen 3 never know may be the same
  • <p>Mine only does it on offside so I just packed it with grease and pushed in a rubber grommet.</p><p> </p>
  • That's it Paul, mine seem to be a little crusty both sides so was going to do both and possible aim to cover to that bodywork lip like toaster has done although yours does look really neat. Where did you get/ what is the bung?
  • <p>It is an electrical grommet, I just happened to have it lying around and it fits a treat </p><p> </p> :)
  • Hmmm off to the DIY store I go with measurement in hand then :-?
  • terry, used half the plastic balls from the £1 machine's the kids harp on for when your out, clip in the metal circle around the spring nut, just need to seal the slot up with some clear silicate!<br>
  • Yeah I've been hunting for ones large enough since last year but all the lareg diameter ball machines have vanished from near us!
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