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So I've now seen 4 different cubes around derby and wondered if any of them were on here? Silver one lives north of te city on the a52, then 3 different white versions, one with the after market grille, one with home grown space in aders in the windows and one with a large wave looking decal to the lower 1/4 of the front doors? All gen 3's by the way but seems a pretty popular car here considering and wondered if you were on here or a note on the windscreen if I see them stationary is a good idea!


  • Not one of the ones you've mentioned, but we've got a standard white Gen3 Kaizen. We're to the east of Derby, surprised we've not seen you! Saw a space invader white Gen3 in Long Eaton a month or 2 back, another white Gen3 on on the A52 outside Notts, and a chocolate Gen3 just off Friar Gate - although not been in our Cube when we saw them! Also - a note on the stationery one is a good idea!<br>
  • You'll know ours when you see it as it's the skyline cube! We're in the west end if your ever down this way. Have now met the owners of the alternative grilled and space invaders cars which are both white but not the silver or gun metal owners.
  • I spend quite a bit of time in Derby, so if you see a air blue gen2, could be me. I have seen the chocolate gen3 along Burton road before...
    I'll keep my eyes peeled when I'm down again
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