Need louder horn

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Has anyone fitted louder horns to their gen3 as the original ones are soo embarrassing I won't even press it.
The bell on my bikes louder
I've seen a few on ebay but wondering if anyone's changed theirs and wot they got.
I'm probably going to to buy a pair of high/low horns and fit a relay direct from battery

Oh and not paying nissan prices getting theirs


  • Hi I did the change as my gen two had a mouse. Went to scrappy got two h/l of a vw and relay .wired up now the little car with a big car sound all for a tenner .
  • What is the standard horn on a Gen 2?  Mine has twin horns and sounds quite meaty - wiring looks decidedly non-OEM so guessing someone in Japan upgraded?
  • Mine was a single mono tone .
  • Interested to follow this one as a big sound from a small package is always nice.
  • I'm going to order a cple off ebay and ill let you know how I get on. Proper winding me up at mo.
  • How did the horn swap go or was it not done?
  • Not yet but will do it in nxt cple months. Just no time at mo too busy working on the house revamp but its my first job when house finished. It'll only take an hr to sort too so if get time I will do it and let you know which type. Used.
  • Cheers I've used ours a couple of times and it needs to be swapped out without a doubt!
  • <p>I bought a cheapo dual tone set off ebay for under £10 for my Gen 2, just swapped the wires over, easy fit and great sound. Simple job. On US e-bay there are Nissan branded horns available so they know they're crap! </p>
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  • One word... Airhorn :)

    I've just fitted one to our gen 2, and it sounds awesome, AND loud
  • What sort of wiring is needed to get an airhorn in? can you get swap the feed wires from the old horn to it?
  • <p>It's best to wire through a relay rather than direct to existing connections.</p>
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    Cubed is spot on - it really Is very simple though...

    You need a SPDT 4pole relay (I would advise a Bosch type, with numbered pins... unless you fancy hours of, erm "fun" trying to work out the un-numbered pins on the cheaper relays) a 30 amp fuse holder thingy with fuse (or 20 amp if your relay is a 20 amp jobie) and an hour or two to wire it all in.

    You take a fused 30amp feed straight from the battery into the 'gated' side of the relay and the out pin on that side feeds your airhorn compressor + terminal, with the - terminal going to ground; then you take your OEM horn wire into the coil side of the relay, with the outpin on that side also being grounded - simple (and a lot of fun when some tool blows their girly horn at you because they think that they own the road and you should be doing your three point turn faster than you are - long story, resulting in a lot of airhorn blasting and a dusting of swearing :) )
  • Airhorns are great. Our lil' Perodua we took to Mongolia had one. Used to scare the crap out of people and was great for getting reply toots out of the huge freight trains in Southern Russia. :D<div><br></div>
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    That all sounds pleasingly easy! ebay a good source for air horns or is there a 'scene' prefered brand I am unaware of? Don't know anyone in the train business and planes don't have horns I don't think so guessing can't tap anyone up for one!<div><br></div><div>Anyone ever had comment from the MOT testers about your horn noise and are Dixie horns actually illegal or not?</div>
  • Reason to fail mot

    Note: When operated, a two or more tone horn automatically produces a sound which alternates at regular intervals between fixed notes

    A vehicle is allowed to be fitted with a bell, gong or siren, but not two-tone, only as part of an anti-theft device.
    as dixe is a multible then its a fail.
    How ever if it not your main tooter and you only use it when there no plod about enjoy
  • ooooh mounting a gong in there with a striker on an actuator!?!?! I like the idea of that!!!
  • Yeah, if you put an multi-tone airhorn in, it can't be the main one operated from the steering wheel or it's an MOT fail.
  • I'm not sure if it's classed as 'multi tone', there are two horns, so it's definitely 'dual tone' :)

    No problem though, the original horn is still in place so when it comes round to mot time all is needed is a little switcharoo ;)

    Which I'll do at the same time as the stretched tyres :D
  • Ps. Any reasonable airhorn kit will do the trick (I don't know how to define reasonable though) I've spotted a few on eBay which I was planning on going for - as it happens, I found mine in a box :) - and halfords do one for around the £20 mark, and if it's a bag of old nails, you can always take it back
  • I've got an air horn type on my gen 2, it's got a compressor thing and 2 air horns, it passed the mot last year. As far as I know as long as it makes a continuos noise it passes the mot
  • Hi George correct . One tone is fine
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