• Awsome dude, A very nice example. You'r officially square. X-D
  • Any idea where i can find a disc for my addzest sat nav??? its all in japanese too!!! went on the clarion/addzest website and THAT's all jap too!!!! i need a japfriend!!!!

    Oh yeah, my family and i have adopted it the FuKiN Cube!!! cos of the explicit FKN number plate!!!!
  • X-D X-D . Would prob be easier to just buy a British one dude.
  • yeah, i think your right, when the funds start to flourish again i may invest... after the wheels/springs!How low has your cube gone ronster?
  • To be honest dude I don't have a clue. X-D just turned coilovers down. But plan to lower it a bit furthur. X-D
  • that'll be friggin sweet, i think i may have to go low too, eventually, i have good memories of plucking catseyes from the road in my beetle, your cube can't be far off that feat now???!!!
  • very nice, just need some wheels and lowering :D
  • I think it fry,s those eyes :D
  • New pic....


    more soon!
  • NICE!!!!!
    looks just like my nobby ;)

  • couple more pics.....

    crappy rain ruins it though!!!!




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