Hall Green Birmingham...

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Saw me first cube while in mine!! Silver gen 2...anyone on here?
Bit of light flashing and waving made my day


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    <p>I've not seen one in Brum yet, theres one near Tyseley as they smashed it up and had it repaired there =)) </p><p>According to my dealer there's a Silver one in Wolverhampton and I know of one in Bromsgrove. One of my neighbours saw mine and bought one because they liked it so there's 2 here virtually in same street </p> =))
  • Hi guys,

    I literally live one minute down the road from hall green, I own a Nissan cubic gen 2 in silver with lensos
    alloys. Bought from a forum member here.

    My wife mainly drives it now.....but when I drove it a couple of months ago I saw a gen 2 Nissan cube in silver pass me in Shirley. :)
  • must have been your wife i saw by the colebrook pub then....think we have a bit of a crew growing here :D
  • hi cubedude, have you still got the details of your bargin priced SUPER DOOPER air filter from ebay?<div><br></div>
  • 328
    that might have been me in shirley , go through there quite a few times and a mate lives in St ,George road
  • Hi deanovilla,

    So you also have a silver gen2? :)

    Are you living round brum?
  • Also spotted another black cube going into asda Shirley..transformer badge on the tailgate..looked nice! Dropped on some nice rims...
  • the Cubes are taking over solihull :)
  • Hi 328 , sorry late reply ...lol . yes l have a silver cube 03 plate , has a transformer face on back as it has been de-badged , lm from coleshill , l also see a powder blue one from marston green . mine  had a lot of mods done by the last owner , dropped, wheel change , SS exhaust and the engine chipped , had the car about 3 years now , love it , 
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