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Hi there folks - I have just joined and though not yet a Cube owner I am giving it serious thought as I have fallen in love with its unusual styling.  <div><br></div><div>Would anyone care to comment on what insurance group a JDM imported 1.4 automatic falls into - and how much you are paying?<div><br></div><div>Thanks - nelly</div></div>


  • Difficult to comment on insurance groups as the fact they're imported kind of throws it out. To be honest it's probably best to do a quick check on a price comparison site as the premiums vary so much just within our small membership.

    I pay about £1200 per year. (34 yo / 6 points & 2 crashes in last five years / £2k worth of modifications / Urban post code)

    It will go down to £500 per year when I have limited 3000 mileage next year though.

    Some pay around £200 per year!

    Good luck. :)
  • Thanks for that - I am down sizing from a larger car - just crunching the numbers on the Cube's road tax, MPG & insurance group.  
  • I pay about £250 a year 1 years no claims , no points or anything , village location and 40er++++ years old
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