fuel filter

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<p>hi this is my first time here I've got a BGZ11 model CR14 engine and having problems finding fuel filter can any one help me thanks</p><p> </p>


  • Try looking for one off a Micra K12. If it's engine related, it should be same thing.
  • Have they got a replaceable one? I don't think there is one on our Gen 3's
  • Seems not. Done some googling and it appears they're 'maintenance free'. So I guess not!
  • <p>The diesel ones have them but not petrol.</p>
  • I'm guessing if it's a maintenance free filter, then it's going to be tucked somewhere out of the way like in the tank itself.
  • Yes it's in the tank itself. :)

    (I do find that odd how they work as what happens to the stuff it filters out, surely it must clog up? I guess there's a method that prevents that from happening.)
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