Anyone recognise this car? JIG 3609

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Ok, so this might sound a bit random, but i've seen a car on Ebay with the number plate JIG 3609 and noticed it has a Cube Owners Club sticker on it. <div><br></div><div>I'm interested in buying this car and reluctantly trading in my well loved car. I was wondering if anyone recognises it and can give me any honest reasons for trading it in?.. I don't want to trade my beloved car in for another if it's going to give me a load of problems. So, if this was your car, is it honestly ok, or did you have a reason for trading it in?..</div><div><br></div><div>However, if it is a decent car, then i'll go for it, and become a proper Cube Club Owner :oD</div>


  • <p>looks kind of familiar... and looks quite a nice one.. 3k about the right price tho..looks like a dealer?</p><p>ebay item... number.</p><div class="u-flR">261152760428</div><p>
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  • Yes it looks nice and in my price range.. I think it's a guy who deals in cars rather than a garage. But not sure..<div><br></div><div>I'm going to have a look on Saturday. Hopefully it'll be ok, as i'm worried about trading in my reliable trusty car for one that might go wrong.. We'll see :o)</div>
  • good luck...great colour... as you say has a cube owners sticker... someone on here will know..  :)>-
  • I'd spotted that one on eBay and like Mikey, it looked familar to me but can't remember who had it. One of the older heads like Cubed, Keiran or Bob might though.<div><br></div><div>Your best bet is to have a look through the Gen2 owners rides section on here, see if you can spot it.</div><div><br></div><div>As for going wrong, they're just Nissan Micra's underneath so pretty bulletproof. And as Cubes are that little bit different, you tend to find most people who own them tend to treat them a little kinder and look after them a bit more than your average euro-blob.</div><div><br></div><div>Usually if a Cuber sells up, there's a good reason. It seems to be either they need something bigger\smaller\better on juice or have simply moved onto their next odd choice of vehicle. ;)</div><div><br></div><div>Go and have a look and a drive. See what you think. Looks clean judging by the pics and the metallic blue is one of the least common colours.</div>
  • :)>-  Well said Taz... how you doing....?
  • Yea I could do with a Metallic Blue buddy! :)
  • I did have a look on the sticker thread, I don't recall it though I'm afraid.

    It's local to me as well so think I would remember if I'd noticed it on here.

  • Im a very happy girl, just bought JIG 3609 :)
  • Get in! Nice one...yer going to love it!!
    Enjoy...I can't get enough of mine! Welcome to the team:)
  • Congratulations and welcome. :)
  • Im a very happy girl, just bought JIG 3609 :)
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