Leytonstone E11

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Hi, new here. Bought my 2nd gen a couple of months ago, claiming 'no-one in East London has one' How wrong could I be?! Have spotted a brown 3rd, a red 2nd, (see in morning on way to work-we give each other a little wave lol) and today (about 6ish) a grey souped up one on the High Road who gave me a 'hi' with their headlights - like what had been done to this one, looked lowered. <div><br></div><div>Anyone else from East here?</div>


  • <div>Welcome!</div><div><br></div>Not from the East, but from South London in Croydon.<div><br></div><div>There's a couple of dealers in East London/Essex border that import Cubes, so there might be a few owners round that way.</div>
  • <div>Welcome.</div><div><br></div>Sounds like another possible for a Cube meet up at the Bromley show this year! :)
  • Thanks Tazbert, would love that
  • Stratford black gen 2<br>
  • East London cube2 aero
  • Hi, E17, silver gen 2, there’s a few of us about east, always give a flash or a honk :)
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