Dash matt

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Has anyone else got a dash matt?  I got my wife's Kaizen one yesterday.<br><br>I cleaned the dash, but it doesn't seem to stay put, it flies around when you go round corners.<br><br>Is there something special that you are supposed to do (the bottom has a sort of sticky surface, but it didn't have a protective sticker on or anything)<br><br>Cheers<br>Paul<br>


  • I got some little sticky dots for mine, solid as....
  • It will settle once the sun has been on it, also make sure you clean dash properly as dealers tend to use silicone based dash stuff and it's a nightmare for allowing the rubber on the back of the mat to grip. Cleaned mine with a bit of white spirit and now mat doesn't move at all.
  • Gen 2 no mat worries here just clean cut lines like a box
  • use some double sided tape mate!
  • I'll try cleaning the dash again and parking it in the sun.<br><br>Didn't want to use tape as if you ever want to remove it I always find the mark is impossible to remove.<br>
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    Well a few days on the mat has stopped moving around!<br><br>Thanks for the tips<br>
  • Its not a mat its a toupee!
  • cubic hair?<br>
  • My birthday yesterday, so dropped a couple of hints... now I have a new dash mat!  Result!<br>
  • Good job! make ssure to give the dash a really good clean and do it when everything is warm as the velcro will hold harder to the mat that the velcro glue to the dash! I added a 3m double sided pad under my velcro to hold it down and don't remove the mat as it still pulls that off!
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