Newbie to the forum

Evening all were new to the forum and also new to the cube lol ,
This morning my hubby bought a 2004 nissan cube , havent really had chance to see what its like has hubby had to go straight to work , but i no he said that it had a dvd player in it but doesnt no how to work it , is there anybody who could give us any tips please .
Cheers anita : )


  • Hi and welcome hopeyou enjoy the site of good people and help. Not knowing what is type and make how ever some one on here may hve info as long as it is on slid dvd in it should work enjoy the cube as others do
  • If you can work out what model the stereo is and who made it, then usually you can find user manuals with a quick google.<div><br>Welcome to the forum. And don't forget to post pics of your car. We love gazing upon boxy Japanese goodness. :)</div>
  • Morning love , thanks for your reply .
    Only bought it yesterday , when hubbys got a minute will get him to have a look to see if he can find model number lol .
    Will try and put a photo on but it will be next week has from today we have no internet were changing to another supplyer : )
  • And thanks for the welcome toaster , new to forums , so not sure where to post posts to lol : )
  • Just post any were they normally get seen by someone dont let him have the cube all the time you enjoy the attention as well.
  • Lol i carnt drive hun so hes my chauffer pmsl think i will call him james from now on : )))
    Had a few of the family come to see it and they just howl with laughing at the car , but i must admit when i 1st went to view one last friday i said to hubby god what you want one of those for lol but every time i look at it now its growing on me , carnt wait to go out in it : )
  • Welcome to the land of Postman Pat ............... lol.
  • I have the black and cat
  • I have the black and cat
  • Thank you , and lol when daughter saw it for the 1st yesterday she said lol it looks like postman pats van pmsl : )
  • We have the grey and 2 african greys lol
  • Hiya helen 888 youve lost me with your post lol ???????
  • Hay small fry it a stammer life's hard anoth and then you get these.
  • So its someone pratting about then
    Toaster ?
    Not used to forums lol went on one when we had our koi but that was just for info on there dieses : (
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