Little pic from a new member!

Hi guys I'm new on here and thought I'd say hi. I've had my cube for a few months now and been meaning to join for a while. Finally got round to it this morning so I though I'd share a pic of the little fella with you all.
I wanted something a bit different for during the week and thought a cube would be the perfect car. When I bought it, it was a little worse for ware. So I treated it to a repaint in the same colour as my other car, and for a bit of fun some wheels and GT-R bonnet vents!
Any way hope you like and I'm looking forward to chatting to you all.




  • Haha! Love the vents. And w<span style="font-size: 10pt; ">elcome! Looks a tidy example. </span>
  • Welcome and enjoy the cube and the looks you will get.
  • It's good to know, that even if I ever buy a car like that GT-R, there'd still be a special place for the Cube. :D
  • That is the exact same setup I wan't! Cube for the working and GT-R for fun. Really like the colour matching...
  • Cheers guys. I have to say I do get more looks in the Cube than in the GTR, and in a funny way I can honestly say I enjoy driving it just as much!
  • Are any of you guys going to the JAE this weekend? Im thinking about going but can't decide what to take.
  • Awesome love it!
  • Hi loving the pair, I should be down at JAE on Saturday but only to park in the car park as not on any stand, mine will be the yellow one with people pointing at it.......

    That building looks very much like one in Hemel where there's a white gen 3 ?

  • People pointing..I know what you mean!
    Nah not hemel, we're a body shop in South Ruislip, Middlesex.
  • I hope it has a sticker on the back saying my other car is a GT-R :-))
  • Oh and it's crying out to be lowered :-\"
  • Nice, wheels need to go black to match though. :)<div><br></div><div>A GTR is on my lottery-winning shopping list. </div>
  • I'd get a GTR if I won the lottery too. Then I'd pay for it to be all put into a Cube. <div><br></div><div>Let's see people take the piss out of the lack of aerodynamics then! MWAAHAHAHAHAHA!  <span style="font-size: 10pt; ">>:)</span></div>
  • I'd get a Skyline GTR if I won the lottery.... and it would look like this!<img src=""; />
  • Hakosuka. Nom nom nom.  :x
  • Your Japanese is good! Hako is box... And Suka is short for Sukalainu! So the skyline Gtr is the original box car!!!
  • And that's about the extent of my Japanese! I read Speedhunters waaay too much. ;)<div><br></div><div>It is a beautiful bit of tin though.</div>
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