brake lights / rear indies

Can someone enlighten me on how to access the rear bulbs on a BZ11? I've got led replacment bulbs. Done the fronts and they look great. Popped off the plastic trim on the mouth of the boot expecting access to the bulbs to be behind there but nooooo that would be too easy. Does the rear bumber have to come off!? :(



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    You need to pop the light pods out to change the bulbs. <div><br></div><div>Remove number plate. There should be a plastic cover behind the metal frame for the no. plate. About half way down on either side of the frame should be a screw behind that cover. Undo the screw and then push the inner edge of the rear light pod. It should pop away from the far end and you can hinge it out at the inside edge.</div><div><br></div><div>I've been fiddling with different bulbs so done it a few times now!</div><div><br></div><div>I think if you go to Cubed's Fresh & minty site I'm sure he had a guide for it on his rear bumper modding if you want pics to guide you. ;)</div>
  • Sweeet. Cheers Tazmeister!<br>
  • One side of mine had a bolt and the other side had a bodged screw where the bolt had snapped! Still.. they are easy to get off once you know how.
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    Sweet. Have spent bought Super bright indicator, brake and reverse leds. Had to buy 4 resistors too for the blinkers to avoid the hyper flashing. Just waiting for all the goodies to arive.
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