Spotted! Lampeter, New York and London Tonight news!

edited August 2012 in New 3rd Gen Cube
<p>Today, spotted a Gen 2 silver cube driving past a lady being interviewed in London about the paralympics.</p><p>Tuesday 14th - dragged by my mother to collect a sofa bed (would not fit in her MX5)  in Lampeter and spotted a white cube parked up. W something</p><p>End of July saw four cubes on my trip to NY and for the first time, one the same colour as mine. Spotted a red one outside my hotel, did not have a glass roof but was a gen 3. Saw a white one drive by and one outside The Dakota building when visiting Central Park. The one that was the same colour as mine overtook us when we were being taxied from the airport. </p><p> </p>
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