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Can anybody tell me what the servicing schedule is for the Cube?<br><br>We are going to get one, but I want to ensure it has followed the manufacturers schedule to ensure the warranty is still valid.<br><br>Cheers<br>Paul<br>


  • <p>If its gen 3 then dont you have all the books etc?  :-B If not you can get em on fleabay!</p><p>Plenty of threads on servicing on here if you do a search for both.</p>
  • I haven't got one yet, and I don't want to waste time looking at ones that haven't been serviced according to the schedule (and therefgre the warranty is invalid)<br><br>I couldn't find much about servicing the Gen3 models, but one thread mentioned 12500 miles so I guess it is probably 1 year or  12500miles.<br><br>Cheers<br>Paul<br><br><br>
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    <p>Ah, i missed that bit  B-) </p><p>3 years warranty (or 60,000miles) includes paint etc, new nissan parts only one year if fitted such as options like mood lighting?</p><p>M1 service at 12500, M2 at 25000, M3 at 37500, mines had all 3 and its not 3 years old til feb 2013!! </p> >-) So its 12 months/12500 a service unless like me you do 25000 a year then its twice a year!
  • Excellent thanks for that!<br>
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