JDMC Presents: The Jap Dudley Meet Monday 6th August At 8.00pm


[b]Monday 6th August at 8pm sees JDM Collective's second outing with the Midlands Biggest Jap meet.[/b]

JDM Collective, we are a collective of all brands, makes and models of Japanese cars. We are a community of enthusiasts who have come together for love of Jap cars and enjoy meeting up once a month with our mates, share a bit of banter, chat crap about cars, check out some rides and have a laugh

The Meet location is 10 Mins from J2 off the M5 and 20 mins from Birmingham City Centre, The biggest JAP meet in the Midlands.

Flood street car park,
Flood Street,
West Midlands,


Starts from 8pm on Monday 6th August 2012.

Previous meet pics:




PLEASE be aware that this a JAPANESE ONLY car meet, none jap car owners please park in the adjacent car park, do not park in the main car park, simply park up, lock up and walk over and enjoy.

It is know to the police that meets are held around here, so lets keep it clean guys as they do pop round now and again SO NO STUPID ANTICS INSIDE THE CAR PARK AREA!!!! do not draw attention to yourselves!!! no messing around (Revving, Hand braking, wheel spins, loud tunes, please NO STUPIDITY in the car park).

If you invite friends, make sure they dont act like dicks driving like total bell ends in and around the meet car park, POLICE ARE AWARE WE MEET HERE and the whole car park and surrounding area's ARE monitored by CCTV, so please don't be foolish at the meet.

Local facilities include:

Tescos - 2 mins down the road,
Town Gate Retail Park
Birmingham Road,
West Midlands,

Macdonalds - 2 mins down the road
Castlegate Way
West Midlands

For more info you can join us on:

The site: http://jdmcollective.co.uk/
The Forum: http://jdmcollective.forumotion.co.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JDMCollective
Join the Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/326141034143194/
Follow us on Twitter: @JDMCollective

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you there


  • Just under a week to go

    Dont forget to check out the site: http://jdmcollective.co.uk/

    Feel free to join the forum: http://jdmcollective.forumotion.co.uk/

    Dont forget to give us a facebook like to keep updated about future meets: http://www.facebook.com/JDMCollective


    See you all there

    1, PowellyEG (JDMC staff)
    2, ek4charlie (civiclife.net)
    3, mannysjdm (civiclife.net)
    4, touqeer (civiclife.net)
    5, stacy (4guk.co.uk)
    6, R3H4N (4guk.co.uk)
    7, richy d (driftworks.com)
    8, johnboy (skylineowners.com)
    9, chuckle2012 (skylineowners.com)
    10, novis (skylineowners.com)
    11, cladder (skylineowners.com)
    12, kas.366377 (itr-dc5.co.uk)
    13, Jon_ep3ctr (itr-dc5.co.uk)
    14, salsaboy (itr-dc5.co.uk)
    15, Lloyd2011 (rx8ownersclub.co.uk)
    16, Starlet-Matt (ukstarletclub.com)
    17, Starbuck (ukstarletclub.com)
    18, Starbo Moorley (ukstarletclub.com)

    + 42 from Facebook
  • I will make another one but past 3 meets I have been in Great Yarmouth, Brighton and now seeing blur at Wolves civic. :/
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