A HICUBE HOW TO - Lower your Nissan Cube!

The time has come,

Welcome to the first HICUBE HOW TO. Want to lower your cube? Want to know how? Then read on -

There are a few ways of Lowering your cube one way is to cut your springs no no no only joking. Route 1 - Ronsters route, A Coilover kit which includes Shocks and springs that are adjustable for height and damping. If you are not on a budget this is the best kit, but if you don't want to spend as much then Route 2 - lowering springs are for you. There are lots of companies selling them varying in price from £140 - £200. Spax, H+R, Apex, Cobra, PI, Gmax, Koni to name a few. We went for Eibach Sportline Springs Product code: E20-63-010-01-22 (Micra K12) well priced good quality springs. £134 plus P+P from Larkspeed.com

Well you need 1x unlowered Cube, 1x Set of springs, 1x Driveway/garage or 2-post ramp if you have one, 1x set of general tools but mainly a coil spring compressor.
Our Cube was riding higher than the Bigfoot monster truck so it was driven into the workshop and this is how it went.

(Please click on the pics to enlarge them)

You need to remove your wheels then -


Remove 2 x 17mm bolts from bottom of front strut using 17mm socket and 17mm spanner, then [img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER2.jpg[/img]

Undo top anti roll bar nut using 14mm socket and 14mm spanner, then [img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER3.jpg[/img]

Pull pipe free from strut x2 and use a screwdriver to loosen retaining clip holding brake hose to strut then [img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER4.jpg[/img]

Now under the bonnet remove both wiper arms using 14mm spanner and pop out 5/6 plastic clips (yellow arrows) holding down the scuttle panel. You need to remove this to get access to the rear top mount bolt 1 of 3 (blue arrows), you may need a spare pair of hands to support the strut as you remove the last bolt or you may drop it on your foot (not good) then [img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER5.jpg[/img]

Once removed place on a bench, the floor or a vice if you have one. Spring compressors come in different shapes and sizes but whichever one you use be careful as a large coil spring stores a lot of energy and if it were to slip out of the compressor it could cause you some harm.[img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER6.jpg[/img]

Once compressed you will need (from memory) 16mm deep ring spanner and a 7mm allen key/socket so you can remove the top mount bearing assembly. Then voila there you have it the spring can be removed and replaced with your new lowered spring. You will need to cut your bumpstop in half to allow a little more suspension travel before bottoming out. Reassemble and do the other side.[img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER7.jpg[/img]

Now onto the rear. It couldn't be easier just remove the 17mm bolt at the bottom of the rear shock, then [img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER8.jpg[/img]

Pull down on that side of the torsion beam just enough to pull out the spring pull off the rubber spacer/locators and put in your new spring. Put 17mm bolt back in and do the other side.[img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER9.jpg[/img]

MMMMMMM! I think an exhaust is in order maybe a flamer kit? Only Joking Ron I wouldn't want to steal your Thunder.[img]http://static.cubeownersclub.co.uk/forumuploads/RESIZEDLOWER10.jpg[/img]

While your wheels are off its makes for a good excuse to treat your cube to some new wheels. Dispite what some people say 17" alloys with 40 profile tyres are fine and do not give an uncomfortable ride, I don't know how the cube does it, even before the drop the ride was very comfortable but very roly poly, scary, unnerving, terrifying when cornering how else can I put it? Well not good. Since it has been slammed the ride is still comfortable but can crash abit on potholes etc, but when cornering you now don't have to brace yourself and hope you get round the other side, as it is much better. It's no go-kart and it's not a performance car that's not what is all about. Drive slower and give people more time to absorb the wonder that is Cube design.

Here are a couple of before and after pics and as you can see the results are awesome.


Feel free to ask any questions and I hope this has been of some help.


  • very nice guide mate, thumbs up :)

    The cube looks great in White.
  • looks sweet 8-)
  • Awesome write-up Lee, from seeing it at Japfest too it looks much better lowered!

    I'm going to get mine done soon, I can TOTALLY relate to you here: lol
    [quote="HICUBE":e779e]But when cornering you now don’t have to brace yourself and hope you get round the other side.
  • Good job ! thats a fantastic write up on the job.

    (i think this forum is going from strength to strength)

  • Looks well tidy! bout same height as mine i reckon, although your 17 inches (fnarr frnarr!) fill the arch nicer! :D
  • U got any pics of ur front bumper please :D
  • Also what size tyres have u got fitted?
  • Do ur tyres rub at all?
  • they don't rub at all . ( Wheels 17' , 7' wide. Offset ET42 ) ( Tyres 205 40 R17 ) Go for 17's.
  • hello man, i will be embarking on this journey soon.... could you repost the photos if possible? :-//
  • Pics now working, sorry about that dudes.

    In future, let's refain from using the attachment feature on the board though, much better to upload your images to imageshack or flickr and embed them from there :)
  • thanks man, gives me/dad a better idea of what is what!!! :)
  • this weekend is the one weather permitting!!!! been a long time in the waiting!!! valentines weekend and instead of being with the wife, i'm gonna be under my cube!!! :-// she loves it though really!
  • [quote="volkscuben":f03b1]this weekend is the one weather permitting!!!! been a long time in the waiting!!! valentines weekend and instead of being with the wife, i'm gonna be under my cube!!! :-// she loves it though really!

    Good luck man , hope all goes well ;)

  • Have Fun! im sure you will, remember to wear a hat, keeps head clean and free from cuts! :ugeek:
    was on avonmouth bridge today, bitter wasnt the word! 8-O
  • HICUBE, repost fotos pls..
  • Just to let everyone know I've re-edited and re-uploaded all the excellent accompanying photos for this thread. Worth another look even if you've seen them before! Good work!
  • Hello all from OZ.
    I'll do an intro thread later on, just wondering if people would think 17x7 ET+38 would fit okay with the Eibachs or would i be in a bit of trouble?
  • I had 17x7 ET+42 with my Eibachs fitted and they rubbed with 2 people on the back seat. (Had to get arches rolled)

    I don't think you'll get away with ET+38
  • Thanks for that CUBED, i have a friend about to put some on with my same wheel specs so will see how much trouble he runs into.
  • Hi there, an old thread I know, but has anybody had issues with the eibach front springs mounting into the strut top bearings. My NSF front keeps kicking out and hitting the inner wing. Cheers
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