neo grey

elo al > slight delay. have had it for a month: pics of my cube.finally got it - from browns + very happy. last weekend x-country: ha!. smooth sails :geek:


  • verry nice! i like the greys, looks militaryish if you know what i mean? 8-)
  • Nice one! You decided against importing one yourself in the end then?

    Wicked colour, not see that before. It's great seeing so many new Cubes on the club lately! :D
  • A grey one at Browns was one of the first one's I saw on autotrader, looks real nice colour, took me a while to work out it wasn't a black and white photo.
  • elo -- soz for post delay - was offline (haha, yes that does happen). yis, always wanted a grey one. in the end decided against importing myself b/of timing and extra hassle. a mate said the cube looks like a '21st century prison van' hehe .... smooth sails norb
  • oh also - just to recap - the guys @ BROWNS were very helpful ... norb
  • nice car mate, what size wheels are those?

  • Welcome to the square side :D . Yeah man gald to see more lunatics joining the asylum, X-D . Nice colour dude, I would say 16" wheels. }:-)
  • they are 15" suplied by brown's >> norb
  • [quote="monstermonster":3f9cd] It's great seeing so many new Cubes on the club lately! :D

    i'm thinking that the imminent release of the new cube in the UK is putting a spotlight on the original (true?) cube and we'll see more and more
    people on the square side >> norb
  • I think so to Norb. Our's in a 2'nd gen one.
  • who are Browns and where are they based?
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