Car paint repair

I used this company for some touch up paint, I wouldn't advise anyone use them as they are rubbish.


  • Where would you recommend, for a pearl white Cube?
  • What was the issue with them?
  • <P>I ordered a couple of aerosols & a touch up for £25 from Autopaint in Merseyside. </P>
    <P>Perfect for the weird white (which is almost grey actually!) on my gen 2.</P>
  • Pearl white QX1 is a bad colour to match. It's a three coat system, so you prime as normal, the paint is suplied in two seperate tins, the white basecoat goes on first, then followed by the second coat which is mainly clear but contains xirallic tinters (which are bloody expensive £160+vat per litre trade price) The number of coats of the xirallic applied determines the shade, so its a case of trial and error to achieve a match. And then it's just a case of laquering up as normal.<br><br>With touch up pens or rattle cans you'll be pissing in the wind and it'll probably end up looking worse than it did before!<br>
  • Yeah it doesn't match, I've got a Nissan dealer touchup which does the job to touch up chips but isn't a great match. Just gonna end up getting bonnet and bumper resprayed once in a while ............... lol.
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