Strut brace/induction kit/lowering

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Evening all, have just bought a skyline strut brace as it looks very similar to cube one you can import! Seeing as it was only 40 quid on fleabay i thought it was worth a punt as im an ex fab/welder and will retrofit it to suit with minimal work i hope in my garage workshop, will keep you posted once it arrives and i trial fit it! Might be an easy fix and cheaper than imported one which doesnt look as meaty IMOP) 8)

Emailed local nissan dealer to see about fitting lowered springs (need quick turnaround for work) and will try to talk the wife into letting me order the stillen induction kit at end of the month! Japfest/club meets makes you do things!!!!! :twisted:


  • Good news, will keep an eye out for updates...
  • Yeah keep us updated mate, I'm interested in Induction kit and Strut Brace :-)
  • Looks like its £150.00 inc vat for fitting at nissan dealer, bargain! Saves me skinning myknuckles and busting up back! Prob getting H&R 35mm drop (£145.00) as anymore than that will need to upgrade shocks as well! 8)
    Strut fun will be interesting methinks!

    Had front spot bulb changed earlier with nissan gang, only 15 quid inc vat/fitting, whole bumper has to come off to change it!!! :roll:
  • Struts here, just got up off nights, will offer it up and take a pic in a bit! 8)
  • Just ordered Eibach pro kit lowering springs, only 30mm drop but will be best of both worlds i hope! 8)
    Was looking at H&R 35mm drop springs but none in the UK!!!!
    Book the cube in for monday now!
  • Springs going on tuesday now at 1030am, cant wait! even getting up early as will be on nights!! Strut was a no-no but gives me a good idea.... :twisted:



    Cant get the K&N Typhoon induction kit in UK! 4-5 week lead time so may as well go for the cheaper Stillen one from the USA! 8) Why do all these UK companies advertise something thats not even in the country?????
  • Oooooo sexy springs :D
  • I'm looking forward to see pics when the springs are mounted. I also want to get the Eibachs as these are the only springs beside the H&R which are legal in Germany.
    I really would love to have the chance to drop it more than just 30mm...
  • Looking forward to seeing the end results mate.
  • Looking forward to seeing the pics of the brown veloury lowness, fancy some of those myself.
  • Looking forward to it as well, just got back from working in london after 4am start!! I wanted to go lower but any more than 30mm means you need posher/lowered shocks and i would rather spend the cash on the intake kit :twisted:
    Didnt see one cube in london village??? tsk! 8)
  • Bout time Bob! Thought your car was alergic to Tarmac. :lol: :wink:
  • Its out of warranty, time to fiddle! :twisted:
  • Still waiting on reply from west covina nissan, is there a holiday in US im not aware of???? :evil:
    Might have to try Stillen direct?
  • I've e-mailed loads of different suppliers/manufacturers and never had any replies :(
  • On the top strut brace question...I would have thought a Micra one might fit..
    :oops: but until you buy might not fit.... :roll:

    here is one;
  • Still waiting on reply from west covina nissan, is there a holiday in US im not aware of????

    Yep young Bob...Memorial day.... :wink:
  • K11 so i reckon it would fit earlier cubes, my R32 fleabay one deffo a wrong un, its only a foot short! doh, never mind, im toying with making my own and have a good pattern now! :twisted:
    Oppsy, just emailed them again asking why ive had no bleedin response, doh!
  • can we have a before and after pic of the cube with the spings, not sure if i'm going 30 or 45 drop.
  • Can do, took a few pics before nightshift last night, rear arch gap is about 3" and 3 1/4" on front! Will post pics later of both before and after. Hope to see and feel the difference on drive down to M32 later! Just dropped it off, picking it up later this arbo. 8)
  • Looking forward to seeing it lowered. :)
  • All done!
    Pic before.

    And after! Subtle but nice and firm (quite brutal over speed bumps!) and fills arch nice, plus i can still drive up banks i hope on the motorway! :twisted:
    Guys at nissan did a cracking job and great customer service, £156 and done in 2 hours! Didnt even get my paws dirty and all skin/knuckles intact! Back arch looks wonky as its sat on handbrake!
    Intake next once i get a reply from USA!
  • Nice stance. Looks great with the wheels.
  • Ta, deffo feel firmer, will give it some bell oil later on way to nightshift! 8)
    Just been told that it will be a tad lower again once springs settle in 8O
  • Looking good there Eurobob and nice to see a proper coloured motor.
  • Looks soooooo much better mate 8)
  • looks great. where did you get the springs ? , seen PI springs on ebay for £115
  • "Tidy" (as you say :) )
  • Cheers me dears! Theres lovely! 8) Saw the PI ones but unsure if TUV approved? anyway only £152 for Eibach so went for a well known name so confident in quality etc, just my preferred choice and went through company rather than ebay route. 8) Noticed a few more bumps last night on my way to M32, they are are a lot stiffer IMOP! :twisted: Feels a lot more planted on corners and roundabouts after 34k on the old springs even if it is only 30mm drop? No camber issues either, drives like its on rails as before!
  • must admit that looks cool. i wasn't going to drop mine but after seeing yours think i might
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