Trinidad Cube...

Hey i'm from the little island of Trinidad & Tobago, i just bought my cube 1 week ago. It's a 2004 model that i got second hand off a guy down the street. I must say, i am definitely in love with this vehicle. The first day i got my cube i started doing little mods to it.

Replaced all bulbs with led type.
After market ultra white halogen bulbs (planning to do a projector retrofit with hids later on)

Alpine cda-105e mp3/USB head unit.
Audiocontrol Matrix line driver
Bass Inferno 4ch amp (mids & highs)
Eminence Beta pro audio 10" (mids)
Pyle pro bullet tweeters
Power acoustik mono block amp (bass)
Pioneer Premier champion series pro 12" sub
check out the cube club in our country...


  • Welcome!

    Photos please!

    And the Facebook link doesn't work for me. Must be a regional thing. :/
  • will try and post some pics later, it's raining bucket a drop here so things are a little messy...
    try searching for trini cube club on face book and see if that helps... :-)
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