Cube owner from Germany


i'm Markus and living in Nürnberg, Germany.
A week ago i picked up my 2010 Cube, so im totally new to the cube world :wink:

I traded in a 2009 Hyundai Coupe i drove for the last 2 years. It was a great car but sometimes u just need sth new and always liked the Cube.... i know, what a change haha

So far im pretty happy with the purchase. Its such a incredibly relaxing car, just amazing and fun to drive.

Beside the Cube, which is my dd, im driving a 1981 Bug Speedster, a 1992 Polo G40 and restoring a 1935 NSU-Fiat 1000.

Ofc some mods for the Cube are planned and i hope i can find some help here and perhaps even be helpful sometimes.

Cheers and sorry for my bad english :oops:


  • Welcome Markus, our first german club member as far as im aware! Plenty of nice peeps on here to give you advice or modding tips! 8) Get some photos up! Kaizen? LDN?
  • Thanks for the warm welcome!
    Haha not surprising that i'm the first german on the site. Cubes are very rare in Germany and most ppl dont like them. Hell, i've seen a lot more Ferraris and Lamborghinis around here during the last year than Cubes. :lol:

    Kaizen, LDN? I guess these are the names of the packages in the UK.
    I got a white pearl one with Iki and Zen package. This means i got everything on board except the rear view cam and the Naviceiver. But as i still have my JVC KW-NT1, i got in my Hyundai, i will install that one in my Cube and add a rear view cam on my own.

    Rims and lowering is planned and some more small mods. 8)
    When the HU is installed i will make some pics and post it.
  • welcome,looking foward to seeing your mods,you sound like you like your cars.
  • Haha true, i love cars and always had an eye for special styled ones like the Cube is. :wink:

    Sadly there is very few stuff for the Cube, especially if u need legal parts for the german laws.
    I want to get Eibach springs and white 17'' Brock rims. And ofc i have some other small things in mind.

    Already put on a short antenna and a Ultra Racing strut bar is on its way to me.
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