Japfest 2012 - Up to 50% Off Special Pre-Order Prices


Opie Oils are offering unmissable collect in person special prices to all attending JapFest 2012 on Saturday 12th May at Castle Combe.

Take advantage of our [b][url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-1575-japfest-pre-orders-2012.aspx]Special JapFest Show Bargains[/url][/b] and [b][url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-1575-japfest-pre-orders-2012.aspx]PLACE YOUR PRE-ORDER[/url]?[/b] You'll save £s and there will be no carriage to pay either!

We are offering up to [b]50% off[/b], including prices as low as [b]£36 / 5 litres for top end, road and race ester-synthetic engine oil from Gulf[/b] and the ever-popular top of the range [b]Titan Race Pro S[/b] and [b]Millers CFS engine oils are £39.50 / 5 litres.[/b] You can get a great deal by placing your pre-order today and collecting from us at the show. We will not be offering these prices on a mail order basis, it’s a [b]JAPFEST 2012 SPECIAL only![/b]

*Please note, due to Millers Oils request we are unable to discount the Nanodrive engine oils, however they have been included at normal selling price and are available for pre-order*


Our JapFest special offer prices include:

Gulf Competition - 5 litres
Usual price £47.39, Japfest price [b]£36[/b]

Fuchs TITAN RACE Pro S/R - 5 litres
Usual price £60.00, Japfest price [b]£39.50[/b]

Motul 8100 Xcess - 5 litres
Usual price £41.78, Japfest price [b]£29.50[/b]

Millers CFS - 5 litres
Usual price £61.92, Japfest price [b]£39.50[/b]

Fuchs Titan XTR 5w-30 - 5 litres
Usual price £25.91, Japfest price [b]£18.13[/b]

See our [b][url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-1575-japfest-pre-orders-2012.aspx]JapFest Pre-Order Page[/url][/b] for full details of all the products we have available at JapFest 2012 special prices.

Our stand will feature Opie Oils sponsored powerful and special Japanese cars, so make sure you come and see us even if you don't want oil.

We're looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at what promises to be a great day!

For those who are not attending JapFest, you can view all our [b][url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-Current-Offer.aspx]current website offers here >>[/url][/b]

- The Opie Oils Team
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