Damn spam posts

I've noticed (and deleted) more spam posts recently.

Just so you know, I've re-activated the spam protection software on the forum. It was de-activated in the past because it was playing up a little and not allowing some legitimate posts through but I think it's worth trying it again.

If anyone experiences any issues let me know.


  • :evil: Pain in the A.... I notice more spam in my email this time of year for some reason?...
    Well, this post has gone thru! :D
  • dam cant buy a woman's bags any more. lol good job bud
  • Not to mention soccer jerseys...

    I've got a SPAM button at the bottom of posts now too, should I be clicking that before I delete any in future or is that just to report it?

  • I'm not completely sure to be honest. Try the spam button, if it removes the post then cool.
  • Just had reason to do it and clicked the SPAM button.

    It's quicker, it deleted it and came up with the message "SPAMMED" rather than having to confirm to delete post.

    Not sure if it deletes / blocks the user too?
  • Just a thought, is there a way to block posts in French as that seems to be the majority at the moment?!
  • I was just deleting them, will use spam button from now on then if it kills them orff! :twisted:
  • Gah. It's back.
    Is this 'Spam' button a Mod only feature?
  • Im on it, deleting about twenty french ones, kieron, can you turn back on that spam filter rhingy? cheers.
  • Make that 32! my arms hanging off! 8)
  • Well done Bob... :-)
  • Just done another twenty, turn back on the spam filter please!! 8)
  • Just done another 12.
  • Thing is, you've got to register to post on here.

    Isn't there any way of making this a little tougher so the spambots can't get round it so easily??
  • Yeh i'd have to agree with Tazbert, maybe one of those cryptic code thingamebobs to register?
    I'm no computer boff so i have no idea how difficult it would be?
  • Just done another 6, not new posts but they are tagging onto other members posts now! :evil:
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