Nissan Cube Part Numbers

Oil Filter ADN12110
Air Filter ADN12223
Fuel Filter IN TANK
Recommended Spark Plug IKH16
Timing Belt CHAIN
Water Pump Belt - 11720 (thanks Animal)
A/C & Alternator Belt - 11920 (thanks Animal)
Air Filter: 16546-AX000
K&N Air Filter: 33-2060
Pulley-idler (tensioner?) - Part No: 11927-AX010 (thanks Animal)
Cam Sensor: 23731-4M50B (from this

Belt sizes
VFB510 (alternator)
VFB496 (water pump)
Auxiliary belt: 1087mm 5 Grooves (Motoquip VFH 399)
Power steering belt: 670mm 3 Grooves (Motoquip MFH 485)
The part numbers you require are VFB524 and VFB485
Alt Belt - Part No: AY140-5107M (Worked for Pete - see below)

Automatic Transmission Fluids (DO NOT USE NISSAN MATIC-D)
Nissan ATF Matic J, Havoline ATF-J, Toyota T-IV, Castrol Transmax-J
Idemitsu ATF-HP, Valvoline Maxlife ATF, ELF Matic G3 Syn, Fina Synpro ATF
Mobil ATF 3309

Front Brake Pads ADN142132C (
link to MonsterMonster's thread write-up)
Genuine Nissan Discs 4206-AX000 (Thanks HICUBE) (pictures below)
Rear Brake Shoes ADN14163
EBC or Brembo Discs (
link to CUBED's thread write-up

Ignition Coil ADN11477C 
Oil Pressure Switch ADN16607 
Heater & blower unit (Denso) -  27226AX000

Radiator Cap ADC49902

Front Wheel Bearing Kit ADN18249
Rear Wheel Bearing Kit ADN18346

Lighting (thanks to djmikey)
Headlights H4
Front fog lights H8
Front parkers T10 5 watt
Front indicators 7440 amber
Side indicators T10 amber 5 watt (in the front guards)
Interior lamp 31mm festoon
High mount stop light 7440
Rear stop/tail 7443
Rear indicators 7440
Reverse lamps 7440
Rear number plate lamp T10 5 watt

Big thanks to wsssup for finding this great link which lists most part numbers for all Cubes.


  • TA DAA!!!!!!
    Genuine Nissan Discs Part number - 4206-AX000. I guess you could go into a Nissan parts Dept and buy them direct.
    Pads were the same Blueprint ones that Monster Monster has fitted. Catch his how to guide.
    Happy To Help
  • HICUBE, do you mind me asking how much the discs cost? Reckon I'll be changing mine soon.

  • Nice one Lee, I've added those part numbers to the top list. How much did they set you back by the way? and how come you needed new ones?
  • I think the car had stood for months as it was a pig to register which is why he gave up. Badly corroded. From memory They were about £100 - £120 for the discs and pads. The guy from japarts was super helpful and knew his beans. Would post a pic but the attachment tab has gone.
  • More Nissan part numbers

    Water Pump Belt - 11720

    A/C & Alternator Belt - 11920

  • Based on my experience with a 2003 Cubic, I have some tips on obtaining Cube part numbers & parts:

    Take care as some EU-sourced Nissan Micra parts are not direct replacements for the Japanese Cube part (eg: UK K12 Micras use many components from UK suppliers and these will not always fit/work on a BGZ11 cube).

    You can purchase parts list CD ROM's on the internet (mostly from Japan & Russia), but don't disclose your credit card details.

    Key Tip:
    Some friendly/helpful Nissan dealer parts managers will arrange to load your (Japanese) Cube VIN number into the UK Nissan parts database system. This may take the dealer several weeks, but after that the UK Nissan dealer can access the original Japanese parts list for your Cube. Some servce parts (also common to the UK-built K12 Micra etc) are available off the shelf at the UK Nissan dealer, others are available in a few days from Nissan Europe and others from Japan may take a few weeks.

    Hope this helps.
  • Quick question:

    I had a look at the part numbers listed, and noticed that the oil and air filters are part numbers for a comapany called blueprint.
    Are they as good or better than genuine parts?

    I have the genuine part numbers here:
    Air filter: AY120-NS005
    Oil filter: 15208 53J0A

    Spark plugs: Nissan uses NGK plugs. The pat number is LFR5AP-11.
  • Anyone know the part number for a genuine nissan thermostat for my 2004 cubic/cube is??

    My car is overheating and is getting fixed, it will take 2 days to get the part but i want to make sure its correct as we now have uk versions of the cubes.

    Hopefully someone can help

  • Hey all,

    Sorry I haven't been on in a while!

    I found out that the front pads on the Cube are the same as the Versa (USA) or as it is better known in Australia, the Nissan Tiida.

    The Nissan part number is 41060AX058
    alternatively, a company called maxi stop make them aswell. Their part number is MDB 7623

    Hope this helps some.
  • Sorry people! I wrote down the wrong part number.

    The Nissan part number is 41060-ax085 NOT 41060-ax058.
  • Another one for the list -

    Rear Brake shoe set

    Nissan Part number ADN14163
    Blue Print Part number K1261-01 (I think this is the part number)

    Compatible for Nissan cube from 10-02 to 12-07.

    I purchased from for £45.50 inc. delivery on Saturday morning and arrived Tuesday morning. (Next day delivery for weekdays)

    (As they're a blue print part they should be available locally to save postage costs though.)
  • Just googled this and facebook club popped up, any good? (CR14DE)

    Is trinidad just outside london village? :D

    Nissan Genuine Strong Save X
    Engine oil replacement 2.8 litres or 3.0 litres with oil filter replacement
    Oil Filter ADN12110
    Air Filter ADN12223
    Fuel Filter IN TANK
    Recommended Spark Plug IKH16
    Timing Belt CHAIN
    Oil Filter: Nissan 15208 53J00
    Air Filter: 16546-AX000
    K&N Air Filter: 33-2060
    Front Brake Pads ADN142132C
    Front Brake Disc NYA
    Rear Brake Shoes ADN14163
    Ignition Coil ADN11477C
    Oil Pressure Switch ADN16607
    Radiator Cap ADC49902
    Front Wheel Bearing Kit ADN18249
    Rear Wheel Bearing Kit ADN18346
    Rear Wheel Bearing = 43210AZ300
    Belt sizes
    VFB510 (alternator)
    VFB496 (water pump)
    Auxiliary belt: 1087mm 5 Grooves (Motoquip VFH 399)
    Power steering belt: 670mm 3 Grooves (Motoquip MFH 485)
    The part numbers you require are VFB524 and VFB485
  • Can anyone comfirm for me if the Alternator belt is the same as the Micra one?

    Mine is cracked and slipping, but Nissan doesn't want to change it unless I am 100% sure they are the same.
  • Pulley-idler (tensioner?) - Part No: 11927-AX010
    Alt Belt - Part No: AY140-5107M (This number differs from the one quoted above)
  • For the BZ11 CR14DE.

    Heaps of part numbers for the Engine, pictures galore , from what i have ordered out her from Nissan Australia all has matched fine.

    Hope this helps
  • Here's a list of filters that I put together. Now I know it alot of these might only be filters that are US only. But some might be overseas. ;)

    Filter/part number

    Wix brand

    Air filter/49225
    Cabin air filter/24012
    Oil filter/51365
    Transmission filter/58996

    K&N Filters

    Air filter/33-2375
    Oil filter/HP-1008

    Napa filters

    Oil (ProSelect)/SFI 21365
    Oil (Gold)/FIL 1365
    Air filter/FIL 9225
    Cabin air/FIL4012


    PureOne Oil/PL 14612


    EA Oil filter/EA012-EA




    Oil filter/041-8136
    Air filter/042-1720


    Distant Plus oil Filter/D3300
    Oil Filter/3300

    Hastings Filters

    Oil filter/LF113
    Air filter/AF1379
    Transmission filter/TF130

    Fram filters

    Extra Guard Oil filter/FRM-PH6607
    Tough Guard Oil filter/TG6607
    Extra Guard air filter/CA10234
    Transmission filter/FT1158
  • great work guys... keep it up!
  • Hi. I am new here. Anybody know how I can get parts for the exhaust? My is 2004. Thanks.
  • Just ordered and fitted new front brake pads and thought I would post the details of the pads as they have different code to the ones listed here.

    They are: SolidAce N104095SAF
    For: Nissan Note 01-07 and Tiida 01-07

  • Info provided by MrJayWilliams here - ...

    Just to let you know that the heater resistor pack is Part
    VALEO.. No F657165W_W

    I believe the are the same ones as in the Citroen C3 and the Renault Scenic.
    Nissan main dealers charge about £169 for the pack, However you can repair them for a lot less (there are some services on Ebay)

    The Nissan Part number is 27761Q
  • Can anyone confirm that the front wheel bearings are the same from the micra k12? I see someone has listed the rear wheel bearing part number which is from the k12 so i assume the front axle is the same as the micra.
    Front wheel bearing 40210AX000(k12 wheel bearing)
  • All good, found out parts.

    Here's a link for lots of part numbers for all Cubes
  • Excellent link. I'll add to the first post.
  • Front Suspension Wishbones
    Nissan part number should be 48520AX602/48640AX602 (R&L). Same as K12 2002-2007 Micra.
  • Eventually got my Inner Tie Rod. Same as Nissan Tiida.

    Part No. ADN 187198

    Hope this helps someone.
  • Just had a service and few bits done here are the part numbers the mechanic found for me -

    Oil filter - ADM52106
    Air Filter - SOLN101056
    Alternator belt 7PK1148
    Brake Cylinder ADN14477

    Genuine Nissan NS-2 CVT Oil 107.35 GBP for two x 4 litre cans - free delivery (3 working days) from Gparts (Nissan wanted 168.00 for the same stuff!)
  • Cheers Herbie, that help's me. :)

    Here's a link for anyone else -
  • Just changed my gen2. 1.4 on a 05 plate the belts got from gates micro-v xf I only fit gates
    Water pump 3pk/668
    Alterator /ac 5pk1083 or 5pk 1090 if your stuck just a bit longer gets you home
    3/5 means ribs on belt and 668 1083 1090 are the lengths.
  • Gen 2 stereo adaptor plug -

    Autoleads PC2-91-4

    Thanks to CID for the info :)
  • Keyless FOB for Nissan Cube 2007 (same shape as for Gen 3) - <font style="font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif">285E3 CT00D</font>
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