What's the difference between the Rider and Conran edition.

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What's the difference between the Rider and Conran edition. You don't see many conrans about?


  • Not sure. From what I can find, there were only 5000 made and the only one in the UK belongs\belonged to Seb Conran himself.

    Looks like different grille, wheel covers, interior, dash, glass roof.


    Google it. There's a few stories on it and some pics. Seems to be a couple finding their way over to Oz too. Although they seem to be advertised as 'Conron edition'.

    This is a good link. http://sebastianconran.com/project-2#
  • As taz says, just had red interior and whirlpool headliner/wheel trims if i remember, not seen one in uk though????
  • Cheers Taz and Eurobob, I had a google but not found a great deal, looks more hard to come by than the Riders. Must admit I do like it!
  • apparently they only made 4 cubes in my colour as a test colour then decided not to go for it,don't ask me the colour coz i can't even explain its silvery/very light greeny/grey.But log book says silver probably coz the can't decice what it is :-)if you spot another the same colour and get a photo i'll give you a blue peter badge :-)
  • One you'll get hold of one you wont ;)

    Here's a Conran they are all the same colour way brown with red leather

  • Had a little further look about last night when I got in. There's a Conran advertised on the Algy Autos site and from the pics, it appears quite a lot of the styling from the concept pics I've seen just didn't get done, like the glass roof and new dash. It's just a standard Gen2 in brown with red leather seats. I bet the grille is one of the 12 standard Nissan options as well.

    I do like the colour though.
  • Think its bitter pearl choc same as mine? 8)
  • Dunno Bob. Looks a bit lighter than yours mate. Bit more bronzey.

    Wouldn't be surprised if this was the inspiration for the bitter choc on the Gen3 though!
  • Looks purple tint in some light to. Looks smart I think
  • That one on algys website was on there when i had my gen2 3 years ago!! Not sure if many garages are importing gen2s anymore as yen to pound not great!
    My gen 3 looks purple in sunlight too, dont think its far off!

    They did them in grey in the cubic too!
  • <p>The Conran edition was actually available in two colours. </p><p>Irish Cream with Brown Leather or Bitter Chocolat with Red Leather. We supplied a new Conran in 2007 in Irish Cream to a lady who owned a care home business living in Devon. As far as we are aware, she still owns the car now.</p><p>The only other Conran we know of belongs to Mr Sebastian Conran himself.</p><p>They actually built 5000 and you could buy in all varients 1.4, 1.5 Cube or Cubic. It is still a very sought after model in Japan but without doubt on our shopping list to bring to the UK at the moment.</p><p>Back to original post, there are lots of difference between the Rider and Conran. The original Rider models left the factory as a standard Cube and then went to Autech - a subsidery of Nissan who fitted bodykit, new interior and various other items. The Conran was based on standard Cube specification but with unique colour combinations - you could add options to the build like any other Cube.</p><p>Its not really fair to compare the two models as they are completely different. The Rider was without doubt a younger person's and much cooler Cube in Japan!</p>
  • CID, there was a lad called Dan on the Facebook group who's got a Conran here in the UK. He's got the Bitter Choc with red interior. I think he established it was the one Algy's had (and still have!) showing on their website, but the wheels had been changed.<div><br></div><div>Didn't know they did them in another colour than the choc though. All the pics I've seen of them have been the Choc,</div>
  • I will see if we have still got pictures of the Irish Cream one and get them posted!
  • Yay. Cube geeking!  \:D/
  • <p><a href="http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/NEWS/2006/_STORY/060601-01-e.html">http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/NEWS/2006/_STORY/060601-01-e.html</a></p><p>Cant find any pictures of the Cream Conran, but above is a link to the official Nissan press release.</p><p> </p>
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