Yet Another Aussie Cube.

Hi everyone. My name is Eric, I'm 18, and live in Sunny Brisbane.

I've loved the Cube for years, but never seriously considered selling my Lancer for a Cube. I mean, I loved them, but never thought I'd be able to afford one. Until we found one at a damaged car auction, and to top it all off, it wasn't Silver, or Blue, or Black, but probably (and I'm sure debatably) the best colour, Orange. So, I went to the Auction, and bought it for a steal. $1850 of my hard earned Aussie Dollars, spent on really, a totally unnecessary broken 2nd car. :D

Don't look at the pictures if your a bit fate of heart, they're a bit grizzly. :P

No idea what it hit, but it looks worse in the photos than it is. I think. :/
I'm now working on parts, I've gotten a door, windshield, and the bits that were broken off the suspension from CubeCars, and he's getting me the pillar cut I need. :D

So, I've really only driven it around the carpark at Dad's work, (Panel Beater) without a windscreen and one dummy spare, so really have no idea how it really drives on the road. I'm hoping it is at least similar to my Lancer. What are they like to drive? And with a 1.4 I figure it'll be really easy on the fuel.

If I'm allowed I'll post up some more pics.
Anyway, Thanks for reading my poorly written half suspenseful story. :D
- Eric.



  • Ouch! ! That is definatly the best colour. :lol:
  • hope to see it fix :)
  • I like your determination. Good luck.

    PS. Disagree about the colour. ;) :P
  • Welcome to The Cube Familia. There is a guy in Aussie that sells a lot of Cube give him a try.
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    Haha, Thanks guys. Dad's a bit of a panel beater, and he thinks it'll turn out fine. I'm not going to argue. :)

    I've got the door, and bought the suspension bits that were broken, from CubeCars a few weeks back, and he's got a pillar cut for me on a container as we speak. Great guy. Would recommend him for any locals.

    This is where it's at now, looks much nicer without the broken glass and bent metal.

  • nice work. cant wait to see it finished!!
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    Update time! Been a few months, but it's finally ready to be registered! 

    Photo 1: A poor cube in Japan met a grizzly demise... :/ 
    Photo 2: Had to get worse before it could get better...
    Photo 3: With only minor cosmetic stuff required, it's going for a roadworthy tomorrow!

    Freakin' thrilled with how it's turned out, considering the bashing it received. :D
  • Hard to believe that's the same car. Looks good though mate!
  • looks great. where in Brisbane are you at?
  • WoW!!!!!! That an amazing transformation!!!! Well done!
    Your Cube looks great!
    Where in Brissy are you¿?
    James !! :D
  • 8)Top work fella!
  • Nice one dude. Some awsome work there
  • I'm always amazed at how much good bodyworkers can do. Top job, looks great.
  • Thanks everyone, really thrilled.
    I'm down at Logan. Don't see too many Cube's down here. :D
  • Great Job!
    And how do you find it to drive? is it at least similar to your Lancer ;) ?
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    Hello again. Been driving it round and love it. Well worth the wait. :D
    Quite different to the Lancer, much harder ride, (which I presume is the 17" rims at work), and much less power, (has a bit of trouble up the hills, but not a major drama), but is much smaller and much easier to park. :)
    I've only had it a day, and am loving the points and stares already.

    I gave it a quick wash today to get the dust and grime off.
  • Looking well dude. Loving the colour. (But i an a tad bias) :lol:
  • Hello!

    Looks really nice! Similar to mine, the orange I mean lol :P

    My parents bought a Nissan Elgrand as our family car a few years back (still have it), & it has an Over-Drive like the Cube. When we brought the Elgrand we were told to take the Over-Drive off to create higher reeves (doesn't go so fast with it off either) but helps for going up hills and creating more power for off road stuff.
    For normal driving and better fuel economy, its best to have Over-Drive on.

    I have been taking my Over-Drive off in my Cube (same as I do in the Elgrand) when going up this steep hill I face each day and both cars seem to handle it better. Once I'm up the hill I push the Over-Drive button (light on dash off) to turn Over-Drive on and then everything is back to normal.

    Don't keep Over-Drive OFF as the Cube will need more servicing as the engine works harder & it uses more fuel. But it does help with hills when off.
    Basically what I was told, seems to work!

    James !!:D
  • I only tend to use O/D for motorway driving and off when pootling around town.
  • How do you go with fuel by doing that¿? Doesn't it make the car reave harder, resulting in higher fuel consumption¿?
    Iv never had a car with O/D, never really understood it¿? I just find it good off (light on) for hills & on (light off) for the normal drive & motorways.
  • I find my fuel consumption around town is fine and having OD off seems to make the car that bit more responsive. With it on, it definitely feels more sluggish in the lower gears, certainly from a standing start.

    On motorways if I don't engage OD, the car screams it's arse off at 4000+ when I get over 60. Flick it on and revs drop to 3000ish and it pootles along quite happily at 70-80. Fuel economy isn't bad either. I only really burn silly fuel if I get a bit heavy footed and get above 80 for any length of time.

    I always understood the OD to be a '5th gear', with the trans using 1-4 normally if it's switch off.

    Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong. It's been known. :)
  • Yeah, I had always kept it on, my Mum had a Townace 8 seater Import with an Overdrive button, but we just kept it on all the time, otherwise it seems to rev much harder. Like Taz said, I always thought of it as a 5th gear that the gearbox grabbed for when it needed it.

    Anyway, I'll fiddle with on and off over the next few days and see how it feels.
  • Oh, Taz, you say it screams over 60, is that km/h or mph? Because at 60km/h mine starts to audibly work harder, and thus when I turn it on. By the way your talking about 80 (wow, nearly 130km/h, where can you go that fast?) I assume your meaning mph...
  • Tazbert talking in MPH lol
    Im also English, & we English have the need for speed!!!! Our speed limits are heaps faster in the UK than they are in Australia!

    I just keep my O/D button in. Im a little lazy lol. I find it good for hills, other than that.

    How do you find fuel doing that??
  • Update!<div>Just over a year as past, (Wow, where did that time go?) and I've made some changes!<br><br>Sourced a Rider front a few months back, along with some side skirts locally, and a rear lip from Japan thus giving me 3/4 of a full body kit!</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • As a bonus, the headlights had angel eyes installed! 
  • While I was trawling eBay, I came across a totally essential piece of kit. Roof Scoop!<div><br></div><div>Well, I figure that it already looks odd enough, a little more silliness wouldn't make a difference. </div><div><br></div><div>And why a white body kit? Well, the Orange is too expensive/difficult to match/blend in for us to do on our own, so I'll wait until I've got the entire kit and then start getting quotes on a respray. </div><div><br></div><div>And to complete the kit, I've got a Rider Spoiler on it's way from Japan as we speak!</div><div><br></div><div>Once all that money is spent I'm going on the hunt for a Rider interior. (Well, the shiny dash parts at least, I think the White seats would be too impractical for everyday use). Happy to be told otherwise though.</div><div><br></div><div>Ha, love it more and more everyday. :)</div>
  • Do you still have the mudguards from before you put the bodykit on? If so, would you wanna sell 'em? Been after a set for a while with no luck!<div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • I would, but one of them is pretty trashed. I had a bit of wire holding it together, but, once it's on, it's fine. I'll take some photos when I'm down at the shop next time. 
  • Ok, cheers. Appreciate it.
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