Opie Oils Now Stock Ferodo Brake Products


[b]5 major new ranges[/b]
[b]Over 4000 new parts[/b]
[b]Over 180,000 new recommendations[/b]

We now supply a huge range of Ferodo products.
Our Ferodo product range consists of Ferodo Premier Brake Pads, Ferodo Premier Brake Shoes, Ferodo ThermoQuiet Brake Pads, Ferodo Service Line Brake Pads, Ferodo Premier Brake Discs, Ferodo Van Brake Pads, Ferodo Brake Shoe Maxi Kits and Ferodo Drum Repair kits.

Not sure which Ferodo parts are needed for your car? [url=http://www.opieoils.co.uk/product-finder.aspx?CategoryID=80&ProductTypeID=80]Use our FERODO look-up here >>[/url]

Don't forget to use voucher code [b]FERODO25[/b] to get an extra 25% off.

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