Posting images from iPad?

Hi, anyone help, can I upload pictures via iPad , been looking around on how to do it tried Flickr and imageshack both don't seem to do it? Help please mods.......?


  • Try icab mobile browser for iPad allows you to upload files, but iPad pics look poor res, but if you have an iPhone you can take pics from your iPad via your iPhone so the image quality is better. Use camera a, camera b app for this, also works as a wifi rear camera. Hope this helps
  • Thanks I'll give it a try.
  • Having a mare, tried looking for those on app store couldn't find either, then went on the mrs laptop, to upload piccies from the other day at Ribblehead, and the photos we're too I completely stupid?!?!
  • Hi. You need software like IrfanView to resize your pics to upload free dl just do a search. :D
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