Beaulieu Simply Japanese Show

:-) Anyone fancy this...???

Sunday 5th of August.. only a tenner and gets you into the and... Bond..James Bond..Display...



  • I was only thinking about going to see the Bond cars today .......... lol, so yeah I would be up for meeting up if were all gonna park the Cubes together.
  • Sounds good to me. would need a cheeky sat night stopover though. :)
  • Yeah, I'll be up for it, from the good old Isle of Wight
  • :-) Nice one... we can all meet up outside near beaulieu and cruise on in.. gates open at 9.30 and all done and dusted around 4.. looking forward to it... :D
  • Should be avaliable for that date. Not been to Beaulieu since I was a kid, so would be fun to go back & see how the place has changed.
  • Probably hasn't changed much, just new attractions Top Gear, James Bond etc but still a very good day out, are we all going to camp for the night at a local camp site, would be great if we raided one together.
  • Camping might be an idea if we can find somewhere that allows 1 night weekend stays in August.

    Me and Carla are pretty fussy though so would want somewhere with a decent shower / loos block. :o
  • There are quite a few campsites in the new forest and I'm sure they would be prepared to let us stay for one night, lets see how many would want to stay and I'll see what price we can get as a group rather than alone.
  • We still up for this show? I'm looking forward to the drive here and seeing the Bond cars :-)
  • Just me representing the Cubes tomorrow then :-B
  • <p>Id forgot about this, its a 3 hour drive for me so a good 4 hours for you! :O </p><p>Im tempted but got a lot on this weekend and may get lynched by wife if i do!</p>
  • I should be able to do it in 3 hours as well. Dropping car off after show so got my mom in tow with her Micra. lol
  • Is that for your spray job?
  • I was down there start of July. Wish someone had reminded me about this before now!
  • Yeah for spray job.
  • I did refresh the thread in May Taz but nobody replied.
  • edited August 2012
    True. Musta missed it. Sorry mate!<div><br></div><div>We'll have to do a sticky or something at the top of the board for all the shows for next year. No excuses then! :)</div>
  • Was it a good day out? when you picking cube up? ;)
  • It was not a bad day, my first time at that museum so that was ok. Weather was amazing B-)
  • Pick Cube up next Sunday the straight to Ford fair at Silverstone.
  • There was a Silver gen2 Cube there, don't know who's? Had the Rider typer Chrome grill.
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