Speedometer Stopped Working

Happy New Year fellow Cubans (Cubists? Cubista? Cuboids?)

I am having quite an amazing run of bad luck at the moment where every thing I touch seems to break (I daren't even go to the toilet today just in case!)

This morning the speedometer on my 03 BZ11 has stopped working.

Before I start pulling things apart, could anybody please tell me if the speedo is electrical or mechanical?

Also, any pointers to fixing the problem would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, TC


  • Hi TC

    Sorry about your run of bad luck!

    The speedo is electrical, there is a 12pin(IIRC) plug that plugs in the back of the speedo.

    Is it just the speedo needle that has stopped going around or have you lost all display on the speedo?

    It could be a fuse if you've lost all display as I think there is a fuse specifically for that.

    Haven't got any possible suggestions beyond that i'm afraid.
  • Hi Cubed

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    I actually solved this problem about half an hour ago so will post the solution here in case it is of help to anybody else with a similar problem:

    a) sit in driver's seat with legs on the floor either side of the steering wheel

    b) using your left hand, grab the steering wheel

    c) with your right hand, reach through the steering wheel and 'knock' on the clear plastic cover.

    Hopefully, your speedometer needle will now 'magically' work again.... *cough*

    I actually performed this going through town at 29mph (officer)but this is an advanced 'knocking' technique and I would not advocate the use of this by anyone until they have mastered the basics.

    I will now be using this long forgotten 'knocking' technique over the weekend to see if I can solve other numerous problems....

    Will keep you posted!

    (yes, it seems obvious now and I don't know why I didn't tap the instruments straight away yesterday but if you knew my run of bad luck at the moment you would maybe understand why!)
  • We have similar to this but the speedo is stuck at 70 so when travelling at 50mph it shows you are doing 120mph!!! Lol!!! Also the rev counter has done similar, they appear to be sticking as a slight tap seems them behaving (temporarily!) someone mentioned there are some gears behind dash - could it be they need a clean and lube??

    Don't really want to pay someone to pull it apart, food a guide to removing the speedo cluster so happy to take a look myself.

    Any advice?

  • If you can get behind the assembly, spray it with some comressed air, brush with a paint brush to move any grit and grime, and finally spray with silicone lubricant. Silicone lube also works wonders on knobs, swithes and window runners. Sprayed on my windows that barely used to move on my suzuki cappuccino. Waited over night. Could have snapped bricks with the windows the next day. Dont forget though that this cold weather can affect your electrics! My map lights are tempremental until the cabins warmed up.

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