10 Plate KAIZEN appears to be LDN with DVLA

Hello all

I'm picking up a Cube (Kaizen) from the dealer this week and when trying to get insurance I notice that when entering the registration it comes up as a Cube LDN. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just the DVLA being lazy or should I be asking questions?


  • Hi,
    Just double check with DVLA.

    They could be lazy or it could just be a honest mistake, it's happened to me before with them with a different car.

    Hope this helps.


    You could do a check online regarding your car a HPI Report only costs £8.99, also you can contact DVLA online as well.

    Or go to your local DVLA office.
  • Weird. We're collecting our Cube on Friday and had exactly the same conversation with Direct Line today. They thought it was a LDN too.
  • While getting some more quotes on comparethemarkets site I noticed it did correctly recognise the registration as a Kaizen. I'm taking this to mean that the insurance companies all have seperate databases and don't all query the DVLA for this info.
  • If its an LDN it will have brown velour seats, cream dash/steeering wheel and no sat nav or reversing camera 8)
    DVLA and Nissan main stealers are easily confused, it says beige for colour on my V5, buffoons! :roll:
  • any news on this cube?
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