CVT Sport mode dash light?

When you press the button at the end of the selector stick should a light come up on the dashboard to tell you are in Sport mode. Because mine does not, if it is faulty what do I look for? (dash lights are LED's)


  • Hi, I've got the same model, and mine shows a sport sign on the dash, so you've probably got a bulb blown or a loose wire.
  • Mine does not say sports on the dash only a blue light which does not light up. ( i persume this is for sports selection) There are no bulbs only LEDs . If I have a lose wire were could be?
  • Hi,

    I would recommend you put up a post up on this site.

    There are some very helpful people on this site.

    Sorry carn't really help you as I'm still a newbie to the Cube.
  • Hi, if its a CVT then a cvt light will be on if selected (on all the time on 06 facelifts) but the only blue light i know of is the temp light when cold? should go off (if i remember) when up to temp (red if overheating), been awhile since i had my gen 2 so hopefully someone else may add to this? 8)
    `Sports` light should be on dash ? can you post a pic as some cubes have had new panels/dash face upgraded to MPH etc.
  • When the S button is pressed on the end of the gear stalk (CVT Gen 2 models only) the word "SPORT" in yellow should appear on the dash directly to the left of the push button on the left hand side of the speedo.

    When you press the S button do you feel the difference in the drive? If so then the loose connection is more likely to be at the speedo end than the cables that are threaded through the stalk itself.

    Good point made by Bob there though - your car may have been fitted by an aftermarked speedo face designed for non-CVT cars which doesn't have the SPORT cutout on the face?!?! To confirm this you could remove the face from the speedo and reconnect up to see if the LED is lighting up but just not visible.
  • Hi guys ive just brought my new cube last month that has that and when its on it comes up with cvt in brackets in yellow on my dash so i can answer that however i'm female and dont know anything bout cars what does it actually do and am i better to keep it on or off? will it affect my fuel consumption or anything?
  • Hi Lucy,

    It's a Sports Button it keeps the car in the lower gears for longer, OK for overtaking, but I wouldn't keep it on as it uses more fuel.
    Just use it when you need to overtake or need more acceleration.

    Hope this helps
  • I found the light !! It's a very dark blue light spot. I noticed it had 4wd on the speedo not sport. I saw one eBay for £46 which had sport on it. I might just remove the blue light then it would be a white light.
  • Very much interesting post thanks for sharing............

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  • Mine isn't lighting up either, it's working as I can feel the difference - but no light on the dash :(
  • Speed beats bulb every time :-B just remember to click it off as you wll gobble fuel!
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