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A filmmaker can be so good at his craft that any obstacle or difficulty that he encounters could still be overcome without much effort.new movies , Technical and aesthetic issues may not discourage but instead bring out the best in him and his cast and crew.louis vuitton tassen , However, there are certain the concerns after the film is made that may no longer be within his control.moncler clothing , Where the filmmaker's art ends, the market forces take over and the problems that these may deliver could be serious.ugg boots online , Mainstream movie distribution means letting the ways of business operate, which is a system that has always frustrated the artists in the world of filmmaking.

In traditional movie distribution, it is actually the studios and third party movie distributors that are gods. They have the power to make an excellent movie flop simply by mere neglect in promoting the movie. On the other hand, they also have the capability of making a bad one become a box office hit through the effective marketing strategies. Under this set up, it is obvious that it is not really the quality of the film that could make it financially successful but the techniques applied and capital poured by the distributors in promotional activities. For the genuine artists among the filmmakers, this may seem unacceptable. Unfortunately, this is how the system works in the mainstream film industry.

Fortunately, things are gradually changing and the major cause of such positive phenomenon is the arrival of internet technology. The internet has opened the gates for all kinds of information including movies that, though artistically excellent, would never be shown by the traditional distributors. People who want to see movies no longer have to go the theatre because there are actually other options available. Aside from the internet, there is the DVD also, although even this is no longer as lucrative as it was before. It is actually the video on demand websites that have increasingly become the most accessible venues for watching films.

More and more filmmakers have found the internet as the better arena for marketing and screening their works. It is the far cheaper alternative than dealing with a distributor in the mainstream film industry. Another very welcome benefit is that the internet is a freer avenue for distribution. There is no third party involved who may want to remove certain scenes just to make the film marketable. For the real artists, this is a most cherished advantage for filmmaking.

The internet has also facilitated other means of obtaining copies of films through sites dedicated for downloading such as iTunes. All these new developments have obviously made the traditional ways of distributing movies less and less lucrative compared to decades ago. This could indeed mean the demise of the said method of distribution. The major studios and the distributors, however, are making attempts at putting a stop to this phenomenon. They are finding out ways to prevent the availability of movies on the internet before these are shown on theatres all over the world. Simultaneous openings, for example, is one of the steps taken.
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