Cube for noob

Hi all,

Strongly thinking about looking for a cube.
I know nothing about them so hopefully will find all the info I need. I have mostly owned
performance jap cars and I feel like a change to a cheaper run more family car with some

What I think Im looking for is a 2003-05 model cube.
What do I need to look out for and is there any cube versions that have plus and negitives.

El Pedro


  • Welcome to the site :)

    I just typed a big reply and lost it.


    So to summarise, best place to look for basic model specs etc is

    In terms of problems there's not really enough of us to have formed a trend of issues.

    A few have had door solenoid problems, a few have spotted surface rust on inside of boot floor, rusty front strut top bolts can be a problem but all are easily solveable.

    Lots of shared parts with k12 micra and lower spec 2004 Renault Clio and there are Jap importers to help source cube specific interior and exterior parts.

    Good luck in your search.
  • As above but if you go for a 2005-2006 upto 2008 facelift model then you end up with gen3 parts (well at least several i know off!), just in case 8)
  • Thanks for the reply's guys.
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