Spark plugs

edited 4:36PM in General Chat got these from ebay £17 all in, great plugs and cheap as chips..
Easy DIY job, car runs much better, not as much lurch from 1st to 2nd gear.
Helpfull tip,use the spark plug ht conector to lift and replace plugs.....job done


  • does anyone know the part number for gear box filter, and sump gasket
    Or where i can get them.........cheers lee
  • I did mine a few weeks back. Im sure the plugs had not been changed for atleast 2/3 years :(
    So did go full on with the service. Iridium plugs, k&n air filter, oil filter, and top grade oil.
    Fuel filter to do next. Then its time for some new shoes for her. :D
  • Not a bad price for them, they are £21 in Halfords (unless you've got a trade card!)
  • got mine from halfords with my 15% off discount
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